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Chemical etching of (100) GaAs in a sulphuric acid-hydrogen peroxide-water system

Journal Article published Apr 1987 in Journal of Materials Science volume 22 issue 4 on pages 1299 to 1304

Authors: Irena Barycka, Irena Zubel

Nutritional Quality of Meals in Nursing Homes and Meals on Wheels for Elderly Persons in Croatia

Journal Article published Jan 2006 in Nutrition and Health volume 18 issue 2 on pages 119 to 125

Authors: Irena Colić Barić, Zvonimir Šatalić, Irena Keser

Effects of model organophosphorous pesticides on DNA damage and proliferation of HepG2 cells

Journal Article published 2008 in Environmental and Molecular Mutagenesis volume 49 issue 5 on pages 360 to 367

Authors: Irena Hreljac, Irena Zajc, Tamara Lah, Metka Filipič

Content validity and clinical applicability of the Irena Daily Activity assessment measuring occupational performance in adults with developmental disability

Journal Article published May 2003 in Occupational Therapy International volume 10 issue 2 on pages 127 to 149

Authors: Irena Dychawy-Rosner, Mona Eklund

Studies of the Crystalline Structure of Stretched Polyisobutylene

Journal Article published Mar 1976 in Polymer Journal volume 8 issue 2 on pages 221 to 224

Authors: Irena Slowikowska, Leszek Makaruk, Irena Daniewska, Maria Jedynak

Dependence of crystallization capability of polyurethanes upon the degree of cross-linking

Journal Article published 8 Mar 2007 in Journal of Polymer Science: Polymer Symposia volume 53 issue 1 on pages 187 to 193

Authors: Irena Slowikowska, Irena Daniewska

Pollen of the Antarctic plants Colobanthus quitensis and Deschampsia antarctica and its representation in moss polsters

Journal Article published 1 Jan 2008 in Annales UMCS, Biologia volume 63 issue 1

Authors: Ewa Szczuka, Irena Giełwanowska, Irena Pidek, Aleksandra Seta, Marcin Domaciuk, Wiesław Kołodziejski

The Research Method (Metodologia Badań)

Journal Article published 30 Sep 2011 in Contemporary Economics volume 5 issue 3 on page 35

Authors: Tomasz Panek Tomasz Panek, Janusz Czapiński Janusz Czapiński, Irena E. Kotowska Irena E. Kotowska

Editorial [Hot topic: Metal-Containing Drugs and Novel Coordination Complexes in Therapeutic Anticancer Applications – Part II (Guest Editor: Irena Kostova)]

Journal Article published 1 Jun 2010 in Anti-Cancer Agents in Medicinal Chemistry volume 10 issue 5 on pages 352 to 353

Authors: Irena Kostova

Warunki życia gospodarstw domowych. Rynek pracy (PL)

Journal Article published 2 Oct 2013 in Contemporary Economics volume 7 issue 4 on page 132

Authors: Paweł Strzelecki Paweł Strzelecki, Katarzyna Saczuk Katarzyna Saczuk, Izabela Grabowska Izabela Grabowska, Irena E. Kotowska Irena E. Kotowska

Exposure of Fluoride in Coal Basin

Journal Article published 2016 in International Journal of Clean Coal and Energy volume 05 issue 01 on pages 1 to 12

Authors: Khageshwar Singh Patel, Ankit Yadav, Keshaw Prakash Rajhans, Shobhana Ramteke, Reetu Sharma, Irena Wysocka, Irena Jaron

Daily salivary cortisol profile: Insights from the Croatian Late Adolescence Stress Study (CLASS)

Journal Article published 2016 in Biochemia Medica on pages 408 to 420

Authors: Daniela Šupe-Domić, Goran Milas, Irena Drmić Hofman, Lada Rumora, Irena Martinović Klarić

C5-morpholinomethylation of N1-sulfonylcytosines by one-pot microwave assisted Mannich reaction

Journal Article published 2018 in Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry

Authors: Josipa Matić, Irena Nekola, Aleksandar Visnjevac, Renata Kobetić, Irena Martin-Kleiner, M Kralj, Biserka Žinić

Journal Article published 2000 in Journal of Psychotherapy Integration volume 10 issue 4 on pages 403 to 414

Authors: Irena Zuber

Journal Article published 2000 in Compositio Mathematica volume 123 issue 2 on pages 225 to 241

Authors: Vesselin Gasharov, Irena Peeva

Journal Article published 1998 in Dynamics and Control volume 8 issue 3 on pages 269 to 292

Authors: Irena Lasiecka, Richard Marchand

Deutschunterricht für blinde

Journal Article published May 1978 in System volume 6 issue 2 on pages 106 to 107

Authors: Irena Vaverková

Irena — My Willowy Sister

Chapter published in The Müselmann at the Water Cooler on pages 69 to 75

Journal Article published 2003 in Aquaculture International volume 11 issue 4 on pages 325 to 336

Authors: Irena Pípalová

Control Of Nonlinear Distributed Parameter Systems

Book published 14 Mar 2001

Editors: Irena Lasiecka, Goong Chen, Jianxin Zhou