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Facing the heat: thermoregulation and behaviour of lowland species of a cold-dwelling butterfly genus, Erebia

Posted Content published 10 Aug 2015

Authors: Irena Kleckova, Jan Klecka

Chemical Composition and Biological Activity of A. cepa L. and A.  × cornutum (Clementi ex Visiani 1842) Methanolic Extracts

Posted Content published 19 Jan 2017

Authors: Željana Fredotović, Matilda Šprung, Barbara Soldo, Ivica Ljubenkov, Irena Budić-Leto, Tea Bilušić, Vedrana Čikeš-Čulić, Jasna Puizina

Constricted cell migration causes nuclear lamina damage, DNA breaks, and squeeze-out of repair factors

Posted Content published 30 Dec 2015

Authors: Jerome Irianto, Charlotte R Pfeifer, Yuntao Xia, Avathamsa Athirasala, Irena L Ivanovska, Roger E Greenberg, Dennis E Discher

Interference with Prdm9-controlled meiotic chromosome asynapsis overrides hybrid sterility in mice

Posted Content published 15 Oct 2017

Authors: Sona Gregorova, Vaclav Gergelits, Irena Chvatalova, Tanmoy Bhattacharyya, Barbora Valiskova, Vladana Fotopulosova, Petr Jansa, Diana Wiatrowska, Jiri Forejt

In culture cross-linking of bacterial cells reveals proteome scale dynamic protein-protein interactions at the peptide level

Posted Content published 17 Dec 2016

Authors: Luitzen de Jong, Edward A de Koning, Winfried Roseboom, Hansuk Buncherd, Martin J Wanner, Petra J Jansen, Irena Dapic, Jan H van Maarseveen, Garry L Corthals, Peter J Lewis, Leendert W Hamoen, Chris G de Koster

DNA damage in 3D constricted migration or after lamin-A depletion in 2D: shared mechanisms of repair factor mis-localization under nuclear stress

Posted Content published 28 Dec 2016

Authors: Yuntao Xia, Jerome Irianto, Charlotte Pfeifer, Jiazheng Ji, Irena Ivanovska, Manu Tewari, Rachel Bennett, Shane Harding, Andrea Liu, Roger Greenberg, Dennis Discher

Examining the frequency and contribution of foods eaten away from home in the diets of 18 to 30 year olds using smartphone dietary assessment: The MYMeals Study protocol

Posted Content published 25 Sep 2017

Authors: Lyndal Gayle Wellard-Cole, Jisu Jung, Judy Kay, Anna Rangan, Kathy Chapman, Wendy L. Watson, Clare Hughes, Cliona Ni Mhurchu, Adrian Bauman, Luke Gemming, Kalina Yacef, Irena Koprinska, Margaret Allman-Farinelli

Poly(A) Binding Protein Nuclear 1 regulates the polyadenylation of key synaptic plasticity genes and plays a role in homeostatic plasticity

Posted Content published 27 Mar 2017

Authors: Irena Vlatkovic, Sivakumar Sambandan, Georgi Tushev, Mantian Wang, Irina Epstein, Caspar Glock, Nicole Fuerst, Ivan Cajigas, Erin Schuman

ADAM17 Is The Main Sheddase For The Generation Of Human Triggering Receptor Expressed In Myeloid Cells (hTREM2) Ectodomain And Cleaves TREM2 After Histidine 157

Posted Content published 3 May 2017

Authors: Dominik Feuerbach, Patrick Schindler, Carmen Barske, Stefanie Joller, Edwige Beng-Louka, Katie A. Worringer, Sravya Kommineni, Ajamete Kaykas, Daniel J. Ho, Chaoyang Ye, Karl Welzenbach, Gaelle Elain, Laurent Klein, Irena Brzak, Anis K. Mir, Christopher J. Faraday, Reiner Aichholz, Simone Popp, Nathalie George, Christine L. Hsieh, Mary C. Nakamura, Ulf Neumann