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Photosynthesis: Physical Mechanisms and Chemical Patterns

Journal Article published 20 Jul 1981 in FEBS Letters volume 130 issue 1 on pages 166 to 166

Authors: B. Halliwell

Oncogenes (frontiers in molecular biology series)

Journal Article published 1 Aug 1990 in FEBS Letters volume 268 issue 2 on pages 431 to 431

Authors: C.J. Chesterton

New series of lipoxins isolated from human eosinophils

Journal Article published 11 Sep 1989 in FEBS Letters volume 255 issue 1 on pages 143 to 148

Authors: Dieter Steinhilber, Hermann J. Roth

The use of a new series of cleavable protein-crosslinkers on the Escherichia coli ribosome

Journal Article published 15 Nov 1974 in FEBS Letters volume 48 issue 2 on pages 288 to 292

Authors: L.C. Lutter

Purine and Pyrimidine Metabolism

Journal Article published 1 Nov 1977 in FEBS Letters volume 83 issue 1 on pages 185 to 186

Authors: M.C. Scrutton

Photosynthesis II

Journal Article published 25 Aug 1980 in FEBS Letters volume 118 issue 1 on pages 159 to 159

Authors: B. Halliwell

Chlorophyll Organisation and Energy Transfer in Photosynthesis Ciba Foundation Symposium No. 61 (new series)

Journal Article published 19 May 1980 in FEBS Letters volume 114 issue 1 on pages 178 to 179

Authors: F.R. Whatley

Carcinogenesis: Target organ toxicology series

Journal Article published 29 Aug 1994 in FEBS Letters volume 351 issue 1 on pages 141 to 141

Authors: Peter Wirth

The secretory and endocytic paths. Mechanism and Specificity of Vesicular Traffic in the Cell Cytoplasm Cell Biology: A Series of Monographs. E. Edward Bittar (Series Ed.). Alan Michael Tartakoff. John Wiley and Sons, Inc: New York, Chichester, Brisbane, Toronto, Singapore. xviii + 235 pages, £50.45 (1987)

Journal Article published Jul 1988 in Cell Biochemistry and Function volume 6 issue 3 on pages 223 to 223

Authors: Irwin Olsen

Synthesis of a new series of multifunctional dialkyl 2-(1-(alkylamino)-1,3-dioxo-3-phenylpropan-2-yl)malonates as low molecular weight supramolecular organogelators using five-component reaction

Journal Article published Jan 2018 in Tetrahedron volume 74 issue 2 on pages 240 to 252

Research funded by University of Isfahan | Iran National Science Foundation (92001030)

Authors: Faride Googol, Abbas Rahmati