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Elements of partial differential equations. International series in pure and applied mathematics

Journal Article published Jul 1958 in Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids volume 6 issue 4 on pages 327 to 328

Authors: R. Hill

A new method for Fourier series expansions: Applications in rotor-seal systems

Journal Article published Jul 2011 in Mechanics Research Communications volume 38 issue 5 on pages 399 to 403

Authors: Y.M. Chen, G. Meng, J.K. Liu

A new correlation coefficient for bivariate time-series data

Journal Article published Nov 2014 in Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications volume 414 on pages 274 to 284

Authors: Orhan Erdem, Elvan Ceyhan, Yusuf Varli

On new conditions for evaluate long-time scales in superstatistical time series

Journal Article published Nov 2007 in Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications volume 385 issue 1 on pages 191 to 198

Authors: Silvio M. Duarte Queirós

Vibrations of Elasto-Plastic Bodies (Springer Series on Foundations of Engineering Mechanics)

Journal Article published 25 Oct 1999 in Journal of Applied Mechanics volume 66 issue 2 on page 578

Authors: V. A. Palmov

Distance measure with improved lower bound for multivariate time series

Journal Article published Feb 2017 in Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications volume 468 on pages 622 to 637

Research funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China (61300139) | Promotion Program for Young, Middle-aged Teachers in Science and Technology Research of Huaqiao University (ZQN-PY220) | Social Science Planning Fund of Fujian Province (FJ2016B076) | Program for New Century Excellent Talents in University

Authors: Hailin Li

Computer-Extended Series

Journal Article published 1 Jan 1984 in Annual Review of Fluid Mechanics volume 16 issue 1 on pages 287 to 309

Authors: M Van Dyke

Fundamentals of Friction: Macroscopic and Microscopic Processes (NATO Advanced Science Institute Series, Series E: Applied Sciences, Vol. 220)

Journal Article published 1994 in Journal of Applied Mechanics volume 61 issue 1 on page 226

Authors: I. L. Singer, H. M. Pollack, O. Vingsbo

Fourth-order cartesian tensors: old and new facts, notions and applications

Journal Article published 23 Jan 2008 in The Quarterly Journal of Mechanics and Applied Mathematics volume 61 issue 2 on pages 181 to 203

Authors: M. Moakher

New series proposed for October

Journal Article published Jun 1964 in Vacuum volume 14 issue 6 on page 239