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A New Ratio Test for Positive Monotone Series

Journal Article published Mar 2013 in The College Mathematics Journal volume 44 issue 2 on pages 139 to 141

Authors: Hongwei Chen

Book Review: The Teaching of Mathematics in the Elementary and Secondary SchoolsTHE TEACHING OF MATHEMATICS IN THE ELEMENTARY AND SECONDARY SCHOOLS. By YoungJ. W. A., Ph.D., University of Chicago. American Teachers Series. New York and Boston: Long-mans, Green & Co.

Journal Article published Jun 1924 in Journal of Education volume 99 issue 25 on pages 699 to 699

Book Review: Tests in English FundamentalsTESTS IN ENGLISH FUNDAMENTALS. Heavy paper, 8 by 11 inches. Series One, Grammar: the Parts of Speech. Series Two. Grammar: Phrases, Clauses and Sentences. Series Three. Punctuation and Capitalization. Series Four. Comprehensive Test in Grammar and Punctuation. By DavisRoy, professor of English, Brown University. Boston, New York, Chicago, London, Atlanta, Dallas, Columbus. San Francisco: Ginn and Company.

Journal Article published Nov 1929 in Journal of Education volume 110 issue 16 on pages 420 to 420

Series with Inverse Function Terms

Journal Article published Sep 2011 in The College Mathematics Journal volume 42 issue 4 on pages 283 to 288

Authors: Sergei Ovchinnikov

Symposium. Time and its mysteries. Series III. New York: New York University Press, 1949. 126 p. $3.00

Journal Article published Dec 1950 in Science Education volume 34 issue 5 on pages 339 to 339

The emerging of teachers' conceptions of new subjects inserted in mathematics programs: the case of informatics

Journal Article published Mar 1996 in Educational Studies in Mathematics volume 30 issue 2 on pages 109 to 134

Authors: Rosa Maria Bottino, Fulvia Furinghetti

Book Review: Tests and Measurment Programs in the Redirection of Physical EducationTESTS AND MEASURMENT PROGRAMS IN THE REDIRECTION OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION. By RogersFrederick Rand, New York State Education Department School Administration Series. The Strayer-Englehardt Administration Series. Bureau of Publications, Teachers College, Columbia University.

Journal Article published Jan 1928 in Journal of Education volume 107 issue 3 on pages 79 to 80

Book Review: Strayer-Upton ArithmeticsSTRAYER-UPTON ARITHMETICS. By StrayerGeorge Drayton, PhD., and Clifford Brewster Upton, A. M., both of Teachers College, Columbia University. Two Book Scries. Three Book Series. Six Book Series. New York, Cincinnati, Chicago, Boston, Atlanta: American Book Company.

Journal Article published Nov 1928 in Journal of Education volume 108 issue 19 on pages 504 to 504

Book Review: Malden Health Series: In Training for HealthMALDEN HEALTH SERIES: IN TRAINING FOR HEALTH. By TurnerC. E., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and PinckneyJeanie M., University of Texas. Cloth. Boston, New York, Chicago, Atlanta, San Francisco, Dallas: D. C. Heath and Company

Journal Article published Oct 1929 in Journal of Education volume 110 issue 14 on pages 364 to 364

Book Review: Modern Business MathematicsMODERN BUSINESS MATHEMATICS. By Van TuylGeorge H., instructor in Business Mathematics, School of Commerce, Accounts and Finance, New York University, and instructor in Business Mathematics, Extension Teaching, Columbia University. Cloth. 318 pages. New York, Cincinnati, Chicago, Boston, Atlanta: American Book Company, Incorporated.

Journal Article published Apr 1924 in Journal of Education volume 99 issue 15 on pages 415 to 415