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An exponential estimate for the square partial sums of multiple Fourier series

Journal Article published 2019 in Izvestiya: Mathematics volume 83 issue 2

Authors: Grigorii Artashesovich Karagulyan, Hasmik Mkoyan

Superconnections, theta series, and period domains

Journal Article published Apr 2018 in Advances in Mathematics volume 329 on pages 555 to 589

Research funded by University of Toronto

Authors: Luis E. Garcia

A new series expansion for slice regular functions

Journal Article published Oct 2012 in Advances in Mathematics volume 231 issue 3-4 on pages 1401 to 1416

Research funded by FSE

Authors: Caterina Stoppato

Factorizations of Weighted Hardy Inequalities

Journal Article published 28 Apr 2018 in Bulletin of the Brazilian Mathematical Society, New Series volume 49 issue 4 on pages 915 to 932

Research funded by Karlstad University

Authors: Sorina Barza, Anca N. Marcoci, Liviu G. Marcoci

On Some Sufficient Conditions for L1-Convergence of Double Sine Series

Journal Article published 13 Mar 2015 in Annals of the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University - Mathematics volume 0 issue 0

Authors: Xhevat Z. Krasniqi

Poincaré series for non-Riemannian locally symmetric spaces

Journal Article published Jan 2016 in Advances in Mathematics volume 287 on pages 123 to 236

Research funded by University of Tokyo

Authors: Fanny Kassel, Toshiyuki Kobayashi

A study on functional independence of the Iwasawa power series

Journal Article published May 2013 in Advances in Mathematics volume 238 on pages 119 to 139

Research funded by National Research Foundation of Korea (2010-0023248) | Chungbuk National University

Authors: Hae-Sang Sun

A New Ratio Test for Positive Monotone Series

Journal Article published Mar 2013 in The College Mathematics Journal volume 44 issue 2 on pages 139 to 141

Authors: Hongwei Chen

A new approach of graded damage modelling

Journal Article published Nov 2018 in Mathematics and Mechanics of Solids on page 108128651881006

Authors: Claude Stolz


Journal Article published 2 Nov 2018 in Bulletin of the Brazilian Mathematical Society, New Series

Authors: Marcelo Viana