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Photosystems: In Series or in Parallel?

Journal Article published Mar 1973 in Nature New Biology volume 242 issue 116 on pages 65 to 65

New solid solution series between rocksalt and spinel structure

Journal Article published Dec 1977 in Naturwissenschaften volume 64 issue 12 on pages 635 to 636

Authors: Th. Armbruster

A new series of depigmentational agents in the black goldfish

Journal Article published 1966 in Die Naturwissenschaften volume 53 issue 6 on pages 163 to 163

Authors: Walter Chavin, Walter Schlesinger

Drugs and the liver introducing a new series

Journal Article published May 1991 in Biopharmaceutics & Drug Disposition volume 12 issue 4 on pages 249 to 249

Authors: David B. Jack

Olsen, Lars: Random graph directed self-similar multifractals. Pitman Research Notes in Mathematics Series 307. Longman Scientific Technical, Harlow 1993, 245 pp., £29.00

Journal Article published 1995 in Biometrical Journal volume 37 issue 3 on pages 374 to 374

Authors: Norbert Patzschke

Grindrod, Peter: Patternsand Waves. Oxford Applied Mathematics and Computing Scicncc Series, Clarendon Press, Oxford 1991, 239 S., £17.50

Journal Article published 1992 in Biometrical Journal volume 34 issue 8 on pages 918 to 918

Authors: K. Gröger

Transcriptional noise in intact and TGF-beta treated human kidney cells; the importance of time-series designs

Journal Article published 15 Jun 2018 in Cell Biology International

Research funded by Iran National Science Foundation (96006608) | Isfahan University of Medical Sciences (393106)

Authors: Reyhaneh Rabieian, Shiva Moein, Hossein Khanahmad, Mojgan Mortazavi, Yousof Gheisari

RAO, M. M.: Conditional Measures and Applications (Pure and Applied Mathematics: A Series of Monographs and Textbooks/177) Marcel Dekker, Inc., New York, Basel, Hong Kong, 1993, 424 S., ISBN 0–8247–8884–2, $135

Journal Article published 1994 in Biometrical Journal volume 36 issue 5 on pages 548 to 548

Authors: D. Stoyan

Liggett, T. M.: Interacting Particle Systems. Grundlehren der mathematischen Wissenschaften 276 (A Series of Comprehensive Studies in Mathematics, ed. Berger, M.; Eckmann, B.; Varadhan, S. R. S.) Springer-Verlag, Berlin — Heidelberg — New York — Tokyo 1985. 488 S., DM 196

Journal Article published 1986 in Biometrical Journal volume 28 issue 4 on pages 490 to 490

Authors: D. Stoyan

Goddard, L. S.: International Series of Monographs on Pure and Applied Mathematics, Volume 38: Mathematical techniques of operational research. Pergamon Press, Oxford, London, New York, Paris 1963. 230 S., Preis 42 s. net

Journal Article published 1967 in Biometrische Zeitschrift volume 9 issue 1 on pages 58 to 58

Authors: H. Dörfel