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Third annual polymer conference series wayne state university

Journal Article published Mar 1967 in Journal of Applied Polymer Science volume 11 issue 3 on pages 475 to 478

Syntheses, crystal structures and magnetic properties of a series of ZnII2LnIII2 compounds (Ln = Gd, Tb, Dy, Ho and Er): contrasting structural and magnetic features

Journal Article published 2018 in New Journal of Chemistry

Research funded by Council of Scientific and Industrial Research | University Grants Commission | Narodowe Centrum Nauki (2016/22/E/ST5/00055)

Authors: Sagar Ghosh, Nairita Hari, Dawid Pinkowicz, Magdalena Fitta, Sasankasekhar Mohanta

Cool New Materials for Durables

Journal Article published Oct 2015 in Plastics Engineering volume 71 issue 9 on pages 12 to 17

Authors: Jan H. Schut

F. R. Aussenegg, A. Leitner and M. E. Lippitsch (Editors). Surface Studies with Lasers Springer Series in Chemical Physics, Vol. 33; A series of monographs on chemical physics. Springer-Verlag, New York, 1983, pp ix + 241

Journal Article published Feb 1985 in Surface and Interface Analysis volume 7 issue 1 on pages 62 to 62

Authors: David L. Allara

A series of new heteroleptic Hg(II) complexes: Synthesis, crystal structures and photophysical properties

Journal Article published May 2016 in Polyhedron volume 110 on pages 131 to 141

Research funded by Council of Scientific and Industrial Research | University Grants Commission

Authors: Shaikh M. Mobin, Anoop Kumar Saini, Veenu Mishra, Archana Chaudhary

A series of new tin compounds derived from 4-Mercaptophenylacetic acid: Synthesis and characterization

Journal Article published Feb 2016 in Journal of Organometallic Chemistry volume 803 on pages 128 to 133

Research funded by Youth Foundation of Taishan University

Authors: Qingfeng Wang, Jianping Zhang, Junshan Sun

A new type photodiode: p-Si/GaN pn junction in series with GaN/Ag Schottky diode

Journal Article published Nov 2015 in Journal of Alloys and Compounds volume 650 on pages 671 to 675

Research funded by Fırat University Scientific Research Projects

Authors: F. Yakuphanoglu, F.S. Shokr, R.K. Gupta, Ahmed A. Al-Ghamdi, S. Bin-Omran, Yusuf Al-Turki, Farid El-Tantawy

A spectroscopic and electrochemical investigation of a tetrathiafulvalene series of metal–organic frameworks

Journal Article published Nov 2018 in Polyhedron volume 154 on pages 334 to 342

Research funded by University of Sydney

Authors: Chanel F. Leong, Chun-Hai Wang, Chris D. Ling, Deanna M. D'Alessandro

Catalytic properties of the homologous series of the β-brominated-pyrrole manganese(III) tetraphenylporphyrins

Journal Article published Jan 2016 in Polyhedron volume 104 on pages 52 to 57

Research funded by K.N.Toosi University of Technology

Authors: Saeed Rayati, Fatemeh Nejabat

Role of S…O non-bonded interaction in controlling supramolecular assemblies in a new series of 2-aminobenzothiazole based organic salts/ co-crystals

Journal Article published Jul 2018 in Journal of Solid State Chemistry volume 263 on pages 231 to 238

Research funded by M. S. University of Baroda (RCC/Dir./2017/335/18) | Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda

Authors: Priyanka Yadav, Vatsa Patel, Amar Ballabh