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Stanford University Publications, University Series: Mathematics and Astronomy

Journal Article published Sep 1921 in Nature volume 108 issue 2706 on pages 39 to 39


New theory for equations of non-fuchsian type —Representation theorem of tree series solution (II)

Journal Article published Dec 1984 in Applied Mathematics and Mechanics volume 5 issue 6 on pages 1751 to 1767

Authors: Dong Ming-de

Summation of trigonometric series by Fourier transforms

Journal Article published May 1989 in Applied Mathematics and Mechanics volume 10 issue 5 on pages 385 to 397

Authors: Chien Wei-zang

Factorizations of Weighted Hardy Inequalities

Journal Article published 28 Apr 2018 in Bulletin of the Brazilian Mathematical Society, New Series volume 49 issue 4 on pages 915 to 932

Research funded by Karlstad University

Authors: Sorina Barza, Anca N. Marcoci, Liviu G. Marcoci

Chinese Annals of Mathematics, Series B

Journal published

New series of odd non-congruent numbers

Journal Article published Nov 2006 in Science in China Series A: Mathematics volume 49 issue 11 on pages 1642 to 1654

Authors: Keqin Feng, Yan Xue

Advances in mathematics education: new book series connected to ZDM—The International Journal on Mathematics Education

Journal Article published 12 Jan 2010 in ZDM volume 42 issue 1 on pages 143 to 144

Authors: Gabriele Kaiser, Bharath Sriraman

A new time-series model based on quantum walk

Journal Article published 29 Mar 2018 in Quantum Studies: Mathematics and Foundations

Authors: Norio Konno

New consequences of cosmic quantum mechanics

Journal Article published Jul 1985 in Lettere Al Nuovo Cimento Series 2 volume 43 issue 6 on pages 274 to 276

Authors: M. DebSabkissian

A comment on a proposed « new mechanics »

Journal Article published Jun 1980 in Lettere Al Nuovo Cimento Series 2 volume 28 issue 6 on pages 193 to 194

Authors: A. Tartaglia