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Solution properties of sodium alginate

Journal Article published Oct 1980 in Biopolymers volume 19 issue 10 on pages 1839 to 1860

Authors: W. Mackie, R. Noy, D. B. Sellen


Journal Article published Jul 1984 in Journal of Investigative Dermatology volume 83 issue 1 on page 78

Authors: Marilyn L. Turbitt, Rona M. MacKie

Criteria for the crystallization of polysaccharides

Journal Article published Aug 1972 in Biopolymers volume 11 issue 8 on pages 1685 to 1691

Authors: E. D. T. Atkins, H. H. Wills, W. Mackie

From Active Ingredients to the Discovery of the Targets: The Cannabinoid Receptors

Journal Article published Aug 2007 in Chemistry & Biodiversity volume 4 issue 8 on pages 1693 to 1706

Authors: Ken Mackie

Kinetic evidence for the processing of ribosomal proteins S6 and S8

Journal Article published 15 Nov 1976 in FEBS Letters volume 71 issue 1 on pages 178 to 180

Authors: George A. Mackie

Dyskeratosis congenita

Journal Article published 21 May 2010 in FEBS Letters volume 584 issue 17 on pages 3831 to 3838

Authors: Monica Bessler, David B. Wilson, Philip J. Mason

High-temperature kinetics of thermal decomposition of acetic acid and its products

Journal Article published May 1984 in International Journal of Chemical Kinetics volume 16 issue 5 on pages 525 to 541

Authors: J. C. Mackie, K. R. Doolan

High temperature kinetics of the thermal decomposition of the lower alkanoic acids

Journal Article published May 1986 in International Journal of Chemical Kinetics volume 18 issue 5 on pages 575 to 596

Authors: K. R. Doolan, J. C. Mackie, C. R. Reid

Degree of polymerization and polydispersity of xylan from the cell wall of the green seaweedPenicillus dumetosus

Journal Article published Jan 1971 in Biopolymers volume 10 issue 1 on pages 1 to 9

Authors: W. Mackie, D. B. Sellen

Crystalline structure and packing of mannan I

Journal Article published Jul 1988 in Biopolymers volume 27 issue 7 on pages 1097 to 1105

Authors: E. D. T. Atkins, Sheila Farnell, C. Burden, W. Mackie, B. Sheldrick