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Journal Article published 2000 in Adsorption volume 6 issue 2 on pages 169 to 174

Authors: E.B. Mackie, D.H. Galvan, A.D. Migone

Kinetics of pyrolysis of octane in argonhydrogen mixtures

Journal Article published Jan 1983 in Combustion and Flame volume 50 on pages 29 to 39

Authors: K.R. Doolan, J.C. Mackie

65. Derivatives of tert.-butylbenzene and transmitted polar effects

Journal Article published 1936 in Journal of the Chemical Society (Resumed) on page 300

Authors: John B. Shoesmith, Alexander Mackie

LXIX.—The nitration of m-acetamido-tert.-butylbenzene

Journal Article published 1929 in J. Chem. Soc. volume 0 issue 0 on pages 476 to 477

Authors: John Baldwin Shoesmith, Alexander Mackie

CCCVIII.—Alternating reactive positions in the nucleus of tert.-butylbenzene

Journal Article published 1928 in J. Chem. Soc. volume 0 issue 0 on pages 2334 to 2340

Authors: John Baldwin Shoesmith, Alexander Mackie

Tervalent phosphorus compounds in organic synthesis

Journal Article published 1974 in Chemical Society Reviews volume 3 issue 1 on page 87

Authors: J. I. G. Cadogan, R. K. Mackie

From Active Ingredients to the Discovery of the Targets: The Cannabinoid Receptors

Journal Article published Aug 2007 in Chemistry & Biodiversity volume 4 issue 8 on pages 1693 to 1706

Authors: Ken Mackie

Soils: Their physics and chemistry

Journal Article published Aug 1951 in Journal of Chemical Education volume 28 issue 8 on page 450

Authors: Wallace Z. Mackie

Book review

Journal Article published Sep 1995 in Food Additives and Contaminants volume 12 issue 5 on pages 725 to 726

Authors: Ian M. Mackie

Preparation of oligoguluronides from alginate

Journal Article published Dec 1987 in Food Hydrocolloids volume 1 issue 5-6 on page 563

Authors: A.C. Brivonese, W. Mackie