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Mechanism of the Thermal Decomposition of Chlorpyrifos and Formation of the Dioxin Analog, 2,3,7,8-Tetrachloro-1,4-dioxino-dipyridine (TCDDpy)

Journal Article published 13 Jun 2018 in Environmental Science & Technology

Authors: Eric M. Kennedy, John C. Mackie

Process for chloroform decomposition: Non-thermal plasma polymerisation with methane and hydrogen

Journal Article published 23 Jun 2018 in Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research

Authors: Vaibhav Gaikwad, Eric M. Kennedy, John C Mackie, Clovia I. Holdsworth, Thomas S. Molloy, Sazal Kundu, Michael Stockenhuber, Bogdan Z Dlugogorski

[O27] Prediction of Precipitate Microstructures with a CALPHAD-based Computational Tool

Journal Article published Dec 2015 in Calphad volume 51 on pages 353 to 354

Authors: Qing Chen, Kaisheng Wu, Paul Mason, Johan Bratberg, Anders Engström

Cover Image, Volume 42, Issue 6

Journal Article published Jun 2018 in Journal of Food Processing and Preservation volume 42 issue 6 on page e13739

Authors: Subin R. C. K. Rajendran, Aishwarya Mohan, Zied Khiari, Chibuike C. Udenigwe, Beth Mason

The role of sediment resuspension on estuarine suspended particulate mercury dynamics

Journal Article published 21 Jun 2018 in Environmental Science & Technology

Authors: Emily Seelen, Grace M Massey, Robert P. Mason

An examination of the factors influencing mercury and methylmercury particulate distributions, methylation and demethylation rates in laboratory-generated marine snow

Journal Article published Dec 2015 in Marine Chemistry volume 177 on pages 753 to 762

Research funded by National Institutes of Health (P42 ES007373) | National Science Foundation (CBET-1336358)

Authors: Veronica L. Ortiz, Robert P. Mason, J. Evan Ward

Effects of bottom water oxygen concentrations on mercury distribution and speciation in sediments below the oxygen minimum zone of the Arabian Sea

Journal Article published Nov 2016 in Marine Chemistry volume 186 on pages 24 to 32

Research funded by Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (PSC0106)

Authors: Parthasarathi Chakraborty, Robert P. Mason, Saranya Jayachandran, Krushna Vudamala, Kazip Armoury, Arindam Sarkar, Sucharita Chakraborty, Pratirupa Bardhan, Richita Naik

Yield, physicochemical, and antioxidant properties of Atlantic salmon visceral hydrolysate: Comparison of lactic acid bacterial fermentation with Flavourzyme proteolysis and formic acid treatment

Journal Article published 22 Mar 2018 in Journal of Food Processing and Preservation volume 42 issue 6 on page e13620

Research funded by Nova Scotia Research Innovation Trust | NSGS | Mitacs

Authors: Subin R. C. K. Rajendran, Aishwarya Mohan, Zied Khiari, Chibuike C. Udenigwe, Beth Mason

Arginine “Magic”: Guanidinium Like-Charge Ion Pairing from Aqueous Salts to Cell Penetrating Peptides

Journal Article published 25 May 2018 in Accounts of Chemical Research volume 51 issue 6 on pages 1455 to 1464

Research funded by Vetenskapsrådet | European Regional Development Fund (CZ.02.1.01/0.0/0.0/16_019/0000729) | Minerva Foundation | Stiftelsen för Strategisk Forskning | Hrvatska Zaklada za Znanost (UIP-2014-09-6090)

Authors: Mario Vazdar, Jan Heyda, Philip E. Mason, Giulio Tesei, Christoph Allolio, Mikael Lund, Pavel Jungwirth

Impact of Water-Induced Soil Erosion on the Terrestrial Transport and Atmospheric Emission of Mercury in China

Journal Article published 22 May 2018 in Environmental Science & Technology volume 52 issue 12 on pages 6945 to 6956

Research funded by National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (P42 ES007373) | China Postdoctoral Science Foundation (2017M611492) | National Natural Science Foundation of China (41471403, 41571484, 41630748, 41701589, 41571130010, 41130535)

Authors: Maodian Liu, Qianru Zhang, Yao Luo, Robert P. Mason, Shidong Ge, Yipeng He, Chenghao Yu, Rina Sa, Hanlin Cao, Xuejun Wang, Long Chen