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From Active Ingredients to the Discovery of the Targets: The Cannabinoid Receptors

Journal Article published Aug 2007 in Chemistry & Biodiversity volume 4 issue 8 on pages 1693 to 1706

Authors: Ken Mackie

An Onium Anion

Journal Article published Feb 1981 in Angewandte Chemie International Edition in English volume 20 issue 2 on pages 190 to 192

Authors: Douglas Lloyd, Raymond K. Mackie, Glynis Richardson, Donald R. Marshall

MaCKiE (Mathematics in Chemical Kinetics and Engineering) International Workshop 2011 Special Issue

Journal Article published Dec 2012 in Chemical Engineering Science volume 83 on page 1

Authors: Oliver Trapp, Guy B. Marin

Mathematics in chemical kinetics and engineering: Preface to the MACKIE-2009 special issue

Journal Article published Apr 2010 in Chemical Engineering Science volume 65 issue 7 on pages 2265 to 2266

Authors: D. Constales, G.B. Marin, G.J. Heynderickx, R. Van Keer

Interfacial cross-linking of β-casein changes the structure of the adsorbed layer

Journal Article published Aug 2013 in Food Hydrocolloids volume 32 issue 2 on pages 271 to 277

Authors: Riitta Partanen, Pirkko Forssell, Alan Mackie, Eva Blomberg

The Pyrolysis of 3-Picoline: Ab Initio Quantum Chemical and Experimental (Shock Tube) Kinetic Studies

Journal Article published 1996 in Israel Journal of Chemistry volume 36 issue 3 on pages 239 to 248

Authors: Jeffrey Jones, George B. Bacskay, John C. Mackie

Artificial Photosynthesis: Mimicking Redox Asymmetry

Journal Article published 16 Feb 1998 in Angewandte Chemie International Edition volume 37 issue 3 on pages 354 to 356

Authors: Andrew C. Benniston, Philip R. Mackie, Anthony Harriman

Spectroscopic analysis of (1-α,2-α′: η4-quinodimethane)tris(trimethylphosphine)ruthenium(0)

Journal Article published Jun 1990 in Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry volume 28 issue 6 on pages 510 to 514

Authors: Nigel J. Simpson, Raymond K. Mackie, David J. Cole-Hamilton

Lanthanide induced paramagnetic shifts—derivation of equilibrium constants and absolute shifts in Eu(DPM)3 systems

Journal Article published Aug 1972 in Organic Magnetic Resonance volume 4 issue 4 on pages 557 to 563

Authors: R. K. Mackie, T. M. Shepherd

Nuclear magnetic resonance. Specialist Periodical Reports produced by the Chemical Society (London) 1977, Vol. 6. 269 pages. £21.00

Journal Article published Jun 1978 in Organic Magnetic Resonance volume 11 issue 6 on pages iii to iii

Authors: R. K. Mackie