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Swiftiana in Finnegans Wake

Journal Article published Jun 1959 in ELH volume 26 issue 2 on page 271

Authors: Mackie L. Jarrell

Periodical Eidolatry

Journal Article published 4 Sep 2014 in Eighteenth-Century Life volume 38 issue 3 on pages 154 to 157

Authors: E. Mackie

Letters of Hon. Stevens Thomson Mason

Journal Article published Jul 1908 in The William and Mary Quarterly volume 17 issue 1 on page 33

Authors: Stevens Thomson Mason

Letters of Armistead Thomson Mason: 1813-1818

Journal Article published Apr 1915 in The William and Mary Quarterly volume 23 issue 4 on page 228

Authors: Kate Mason Rowland

George Mason of Virginia

Journal Article published Apr 1919 in The William and Mary Quarterly volume 27 issue 4 on page 310

Authors: Robert C. Mason

The Diary of A Canny Man 1818–1828: Adam Mackie Farmer, Merchant and Innkeeper in Fyvie. Compiled by William Mackie; Edited by David Stevenson. Pp. xxiv, 152. Aberdeen University Press. 1991. £6.95.

Journal Article published Apr 1993 in Scottish Historical Review volume 72 issue 1 on pages 103 to 104

Authors: A. FENTON

The Earlier Tudors, 1485-1558. J. D. Mackie

Journal Article published Jul 1953 in Speculum volume 28 issue 3 on pages 591 to 592

Authors: Conyers Read

The Earlier Tudors, 1485-1558

Journal Article published Oct 1953 in The American Historical Review volume 59 issue 1 on page 103

Authors: W. K. Jordan, J. D. Mackie

Science and Society in Prehistoric Britain

Journal Article published Oct 1978 in The American Historical Review volume 83 issue 4 on page 981

Authors: M. J. O'Kelly, Euan W. Mackie

Creating Socialist Women in Japan: Gender, Labour and Activism 1900-1937.

Journal Article published 1998 in Monumenta Nipponica volume 53 issue 3 on page 400

Authors: Barbara Molony, Vera Mackie