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The Model Member: Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman.

Journal Article published Sep 1915 in Political Science Quarterly volume 30 issue 3 on page 535

Authors: Edward Porritt, J. B. Mackie

Losing Common Ground: Social Sorting and Polarization

Journal Article published 25 Apr 2018 in The Forum volume 16 issue 1 on pages 47 to 66

Authors: Lilliana Mason

International climate change law

Journal Article published 1 Jul 2018 in International Affairs volume 94 issue 4 on pages 940 to 941

Authors: Sarah Mason-Case

Blanqui and Communism

Journal Article published Dec 1929 in Political Science Quarterly volume 44 issue 4 on page 498

Authors: Edward S. Mason


Journal Article published Jul 2018 in South Atlantic Quarterly volume 117 issue 3 on pages 660 to 669

Authors: VerĂ³nica Gago, Liz Mason-Deese


Journal Article published Dec 2003 in Colombia Internacional issue 58 on pages 5 to 5

Authors: Ann Mason


Journal Article published Jul 2004 in Colombia Internacional issue 60 on pages 7 to 9

Authors: Ann Mason

When Policy Goes Wrong: The Problem of Transmitted Risk

Journal Article published Dec 2011 in Australian Journal of Political Science volume 46 issue 4 on pages 669 to 682

Authors: Jenny Stewart, Kathleen Mackie

Social identification effects in group polarization.

Journal Article published 1986 in Journal of Personality and Social Psychology volume 50 issue 4 on pages 720 to 728

Authors: Diane M. Mackie

Cognitive dissonance in an intergroup context.

Journal Article published 1983 in Journal of Personality and Social Psychology volume 44 issue 3 on pages 536 to 544

Authors: Joel Cooper, Diane Mackie