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Model Selection in an Information Economy: Choosing What to Learn

Journal Article published Nov 2002 in Computational Intelligence volume 18 issue 4 on pages 566 to 582

Authors: Christopher H. Brooks, Robert S. Gazzale, Rajarshi Das, Jeffrey O. Kephart, Jeffrey K. MacKie-Mason, Edmund H. Durfee

Report from the Participation in the Current System Workgroup

Journal Article published 19 Apr 2016 in Open Scholarship Initiative Proceedings volume 1

Authors: Nancy Davenport, Barbara DeFelice, Gary Evoniuk, Pollyanne Frantz, Julie Hannaford, Jeff Mackie-Mason, Jane McAuliffe, Jennifer Pesanelli, Paul Royster, Crispin Taylor, Michael Wolfe

Why Do Countries and Industries with Large Seasonal Cycles Also Have Large Business Cycles?

Journal Article published 1 May 1992 in The Quarterly Journal of Economics volume 107 issue 2 on pages 621 to 656

Authors: J. J. Beaulieu, J. K. MacKie-Mason, J. A. Miron

Improving Learning Performance by Applying Economic Knowledge

Chapter published 2004 in Lecture Notes in Computer Science on pages 124 to 144

Authors: Christopher H. Brooks, Robert S. Gazzale, Jeffrey K. MacKie Mason, Edmund H. Durfee

Domain Decomposition Preconditioning for Surface Integral Equations in Solving Challenging Electromagnetic Scattering Problems

Journal Article published Jan 2016 in IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation volume 64 issue 1 on pages 210 to 223

Research funded by National Science Foundation (#CCF-1526605) | U.S. Department of Defense HPC Modernization Program (PP-CEA-KY06-003-P3)

Authors: Zhen Peng, Ralf Hiptmair, Yang Shao, Brian MacKie-Mason

Exercising Market Power in Proprietary Aftermarkets

Journal Article published Jun 2000 in Journal of Economics Management Strategy volume 9 issue 3 on pages 157 to 188

Authors: Severin Borenstein, Jeffrey K. Mackie-Mason, Janet S. Netz

Giant cell arteritis: new concepts, treatments and the unmet need that remains

Journal Article published 12 Nov 2018 in Rheumatology

Research funded by Medical Research Council (MR/N011775/1)

Authors: Fiona Coath, Kate Gillbert, Bridget Griffiths, Frances Hall, Lesley Kay, Peter Lanyon, Raashid Luqmani, Sarah L Mackie, Justin C Mason, John Mills, Susan Mollan, Ann W Morgan, Chetyan Mukhtyar, Vanessa Quick, Richard Watts, Bhaskar Dasgupta

Supercomputing-Enabled First-Principles Analysis of Radio Wave Propagation in Urban Environments

Journal Article published Dec 2018 in IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation volume 66 issue 12 on pages 6606 to 6617

Research funded by National Science Foundation (#CCF-1526605) | U.S. Department of Defense (PP-CEA-KY07-001-P3)

Authors: Brian MacKie-Mason, Yang Shao, Andrew Greenwood, Zhen Peng

Fine tuning of linear accelerator accessories for stereotactic radiotherapy

Journal Article published Mar 1994 in International Journal of Radiation Oncology*Biology*Physics volume 28 issue 4 on pages 1001 to 1008

Authors: Mark J Engler, Bruce H Curran, Jen-San Tsai, Edward S Sternick, William D Selles, David E Wazer, William P Mason, Timothy Sailor, T Rockwell Mackie

Not All Kinds of Revegetation Are Created Equal: Revegetation Type Influences Bird Assemblages in Threatened Australian Woodland Ecosystems

Journal Article published 6 Apr 2012 in PLoS ONE volume 7 issue 4 on page e34527

Authors: David B. Lindenmayer, Amanda R. Northrop-Mackie, Rebecca Montague-Drake, Mason Crane, Damian Michael, Sachiko Okada, Philip Gibbons

Editors: Matt Hayward

Mackie, Brig. Andrew Hugh, (20 May 1897–20 Feb. 1968), JP; late IA

Entry published 1 Dec 2007 in Who Was Who

Melanoma and dietary lipids

Journal Article published Jan 1987 in Nutrition and Cancer volume 9 issue 4 on pages 219 to 226

Authors: Bruce S. Mackie, Leila E. Mackie, Lloyd D. Curtin, David J. Bourne

Post Processing of Zone Budgets to Generate Improved Groundwater Influx Estimates Associated with Longwall Mining

Journal Article published 29 Jul 2013 in Groundwater volume 52 issue 4 on pages 613 to 617

Authors: C.D. Mackie

A Survey of Intestinal Parasitic Infections in the Dominican Republic 1,2

Journal Article published 1 Nov 1951 in The American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene volume s1-31 issue 6 on pages 825 to 832

Authors: Thomas T. Mackie, John E. Larsh,, Janet W. Mackie

Mackie, Col Tom Darke, (1883–13 Oct. 1941), RAF; Directorate of Works and Buildings, Air Ministry

Entry published 1 Dec 2007 in Who Was Who

Response of Prof. Rona M. MacKie

Journal Article published Feb 1993 in The American Journal of Dermatopathology volume 15 issue 1 on page 48

Authors: Rona M. MacKie, Response of Dr. A.J. Sober, Arthur J. Sober

Mule deer in the Missouri River Breaks, Montana : a study of population dynamics in a fluctuating environment / Kenneth L. Hamlin, Richard J. Mackie.

Monograph published 1989

Authors: Kenneth L. Hamlin, Richard J. Mackie, Montana.

Scald Burn Injuries Caused by Showers Among the Adult Population in the Southwest Region

Journal Article published 2017 in Journal of Burn Care & Research volume 38 issue 4 on page e781

Authors: Ahmed Emam, Nola Mackie, Ian Mackie

Mackie, Sir Richard, (1851–30 June 1923), JP; ship owner and coal exporter

Entry published 1 Dec 2007 in Who Was Who

Mackie, Sir Peter Jeffrey, (26 Nov. 1855–22 Sept. 1924), JP

Entry published 1 Dec 2007 in Who Was Who