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Mackie, Induction, and God

Journal Article published Sep 1983 in Religious Studies volume 19 issue 03 on page 385

Authors: Richard Swinburne

Peter Comrie

Journal Article published Jan 1947 in Edinburgh Mathematical Notes volume 36 on page 25

Authors: John Mackie

John Mackie

Journal Article published Jan 1956 in Edinburgh Mathematical Notes volume 40 on pages 27 to 28

Authors: T. M. M. Allen

Concerning ‘Eschatological Verification Reconsidered’

Journal Article published Mar 1987 in Religious Studies volume 23 issue 01 on page 129

Authors: Beth Mackie

Theism and Utopia

Journal Article published Apr 1962 in Philosophy volume 37 issue 140 on pages 153 to 158

Authors: J. L. Mackie

Genes and Egoism

Journal Article published Oct 1981 in Philosophy volume 56 issue 218 on pages 553 to 555

Authors: J. L. Mackie

Notices of Memoirs

Journal Article published Dec 1912 in Geological Magazine volume 9 issue 12 on page 561

Authors: William Mackie


Journal Article published Jan 1860 in The Geologist volume 3 issue 01 on pages i to ii

Authors: S. J. Mackie

Homer and Thucydides: Corcyra and Sicily

Journal Article published May 1996 in The Classical Quarterly volume 46 issue 01 on page 103

Authors: C. J. Mackie

Achilles in fire

Journal Article published Dec 1998 in The Classical Quarterly volume 48 issue 02 on pages 329 to 338

Authors: C. J. Mackie

Developments in computational models: introduction

Journal Article published 24 Jul 2006 in Mathematical Structures in Computer Science volume 16 issue 04 on page 553


Achilles‘ Teachers: Chiron and Phoenix in the Iliad

Journal Article published Apr 1997 in Greece and Rome volume 44 issue 01 on pages 1 to 10

Authors: C. J. Mackie

The earliest Jason. What's in a name?

Journal Article published 1 Apr 2001 in Greece and Rome volume 48 issue 1 on pages 1 to 17

Authors: C. Mackie

Confession of the Son of God in Hebrews

Journal Article published Jan 2007 in New Testament Studies volume 53 issue 01 on page 114


Henry VIII and Scotland

Journal Article published 1947 in Transactions of the Royal Historical Society volume 29 on page 93

Authors: J. D. Mackie

Notes on Nasal Suppuration

Journal Article published Oct 1904 in The Journal of Laryngology, Rhinology, and Otology volume 19 issue 10 on pages 505 to 515

Authors: J. Mackie


Journal Article published Nov 1969 in The Canadian Entomologist volume 101 issue 11 on pages 1231 to 1232

Authors: J. James Mackie


Journal Article published Dec 1969 in The Canadian Entomologist volume 101 issue 12 on pages 1333 to 1334

Authors: J. James Mackie

Inexplicit dualism

Journal Article published Sep 1978 in Behavioral and Brain Sciences volume 1 issue 03 on page 357

Authors: J. L. Mackie

Propensity, evidence, and diagnosis

Journal Article published Sep 1981 in Behavioral and Brain Sciences volume 4 issue 03 on page 345

Authors: J. L. Mackie