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Do Taxes Affect Corporate Financing Decisions?

Journal Article published Dec 1990 in The Journal of Finance volume 45 issue 5 on page 1471

Authors: Jeffrey K. MacKie-Mason

How Much Do Taxes Discourage Incorporation?

Journal Article published Jun 1997 in The Journal of Finance volume 52 issue 2 on page 477

Authors: Jeffrey K. Mackie-Mason, Roger H. Gordon

Two North-East Makars: Alexander Scott and Alastair Mackie. A Study of Their Scots Poetry

Journal Article published 1977 in World Literature Today volume 51 issue 1 on page 144

Authors: G. C. Gunnin, Leonard Mason

A Simple, Consistent Estimator for Disturbance Components in Financial Models

Journal Article published Aug 1990 in The Review of Economics and Statistics volume 72 issue 3 on page 516

Authors: James Levinsohn, Jeffrey K. MacKie-Mason

Secondary Education

Journal Article published 1931 in The Australian Quarterly volume 3 issue 9 on page 60

Authors: A. Mackie

Locke's Anticipation of Kripke

Journal Article published Jun 1974 in Analysis volume 34 issue 6 on page 177

Authors: J. L. Mackie

Ordinary Language and Metaphysical Commitment

Journal Article published Oct 1993 in Analysis volume 53 issue 4 on page 243

Authors: Penelope Mackie

Swiftiana in Finnegans Wake

Journal Article published Jun 1959 in ELH volume 26 issue 2 on page 271

Authors: Mackie L. Jarrell

Truth and Knowability

Journal Article published Mar 1980 in Analysis volume 40 issue 2 on page 90

Authors: J. L. Mackie

Only a Minnow

Journal Article published 1952 in Phylon (1940-1956) volume 13 issue 2 on page 135

Authors: Mason Jordan Mason