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Ethnic Canada: Identities and Inequalities.

Journal Article published Jan 1989 in Contemporary Sociology volume 18 issue 1 on page 33

Authors: Marlene Mackie, Leo Driedger

Are We Earning Our Salaries?

Journal Article published Jan 1958 in Music Educators Journal volume 44 issue 3 on page 54

Authors: Shirley Mackie

Hymn-Tunes of Lowell Mason

Journal Article published May 1944 in Music Educators Journal volume 30 issue 6 on page 42

Authors: Frank C. Biddle, Henry L. Mason

Reply to Glenn

Journal Article published Oct 1976 in American Sociological Review volume 41 issue 5 on page 904

Authors: William M. Mason, Karen Oppenheim Mason, H. H. Winsborough

Guest Editorial

Journal Article published Jan 1959 in Exceptional Children volume 25 issue 5 on pages 194 to 194

Authors: Romaine P. Mackie

Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation

Journal Article published Aug 1993 in Vascular Medicine Review volume vmr-4 issue 3 on pages 183 to 194

Authors: AP Haynes, J Platt, MJ Mackie

Teachers of Exceptional Children

Journal Article published Dec 1959 in Review of Educational Research volume 29 issue 5 on page 395

Authors: Romaine P. Mackie, Harold M. Williams

Emerging Strategies in Social Psychological Research.

Journal Article published Mar 1981 in Contemporary Sociology volume 10 issue 2 on page 330

Authors: Marlene Mackie, G. P. Ginsburg

The Impact of Sex Stereotypes Upon Adult Self Imagery

Journal Article published Mar 1980 in Social Psychology Quarterly volume 43 issue 1 on page 121

Authors: Marlene Mackie

The Domestication of Self: Gender Comparisons of Self-Imagery and Self-Esteem

Journal Article published Dec 1983 in Social Psychology Quarterly volume 46 issue 4 on page 343

Authors: Marlene Mackie