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Chapter 28 Automated Markets and Trading Agents

Chapter published 2006 in Handbook of Computational Economics on pages 1381 to 1431

Authors: Jeffrey K. MacKie-Mason, Michael P. Wellman

Manipulating interface standards as an anticompetitive strategy

Chapter published in Standards and Public Policy on pages 231 to 259

Authors: Jeffrey K. MacKie-Mason, Janet S. Netz

Editors: Shane Greenstein, Victor Stango

Two-Sided Learning in an Agent Economy for Information Bundles

Chapter published 2000 in Lecture Notes in Computer Science on pages 180 to 205

Authors: Jeffrey O. Kephart, Rajarshi Das, Jeffrey K. MacKie-Mason

The Economics of Customer Lock-In and Market Power in Services

Chapter published 1995 in International Studies in the Service Economy on pages 225 to 250

Authors: Severin Borenstein, Jeffrey K. MacKie-Mason, Janet S. Netz


Chapter published in West African Agriculture on pages vii to viii

Authors: O. T. Faulkner, J. R. Mackie, O. T. Faulkner, J. R. Mackie


Chapter published in Democracy Defended on pages 444 to 449

Authors: Gerry Mackie


Chapter published in Democracy Defended on pages 450 to 467

Authors: Gerry Mackie

The inverse problem

Chapter published in The Magnetotelluric Method on pages 347 to 420

Authors: William L. Rodi, Randall L. Mackie, Alan D. Chave, Alan G. Jones, Randall Mackie, William Rodi

3. Scribal Intervention and the Question of Audience: Editing Le Château d’amour

Chapter published 31 Jan 2003 in Editing Robert Grosseteste

Authors: Evelyn A. Mackie

Editors: Joseph Goering, Evelyn Mackie


Chapter published in Anzac Battlefield on pages 1 to 3

Authors: Antonio Sagona, C.J. MacKie

Editors: Antonio Sagona, Mithat Atabay, Christopher Mackie, Ian McGibbon, Richard Reid