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Using Uncensored Communication Channels to Divert Spam Traffic

Journal Article published 2009 in SSRN Electronic Journal

Authors: Benjamin Chiao, Jeffrey K. MacKie-Mason

Incentive-Centered Design for Security

Journal Article published Jul 2009 in IEEE Security & Privacy Magazine volume 7 issue 4 on pages 80 to 83

Authors: Jeffrey K. MacKie-Mason

The Multiwavelength Atlas of Galaxies

Monograph published 2009

Authors: Glen Mackie

Topical treatments for chronic plaque psoriasis

Entry published 15 Apr 2009 in Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews

Authors: Anne R Mason, James Mason, Michael Cork, Gordon Dooley, Gladys Edwards

Editors: Anne R Mason


Journal Article published 12 Feb 2009 in Philosophical Books volume 23 issue 3 on pages 129 to 135

Authors: J. L. Mackie

Mackie on Practical Reason

Chapter published 9 Nov 2009 in A World Without Values on pages 87 to 99

Authors: David Phillips


Chapter published 2009 in Oh's Intensive Care Manual on pages 829 to 836

Authors: David P Mackie

Astroturfing Infotopia

Journal Article published 1 Jan 2009 in Theoria volume 56 issue 119

Authors: Gerry Mackie

Semantic Techniques in Quantum Computation

Book published 2009

Editors: Simon Gay, Ian Mackie

Monitoring and Control of Macrofouling Mollusks in Fresh Water Systems, Second Edition

Monograph published 23 Dec 2009

Authors: Gerald Mackie, Renata Claudi

The Metabolic Syndrome

Chapter published 2009 in Advances in Vascular Medicine on pages 423 to 445

Authors: Benjamin D. Mackie, David G. Harrison, A. Maziar Zafari

Simply spiffing

Journal Article published Jan 2009 in Public Health volume 123 issue 1 on pages 1 to 2

Authors: P. Mackie, F. Sim

Essential public health

Journal Article published Jul 2009 in Public Health volume 123 issue 7 on pages 463 to 464

Authors: P. Mackie, F. Sim

John Charles Mackie MacDonald

Journal Article published 29 Oct 2009 in BMJ volume 339 issue oct29 2 on pages b4348 to b4348

Authors: S. MacDonald


Journal Article published Aug 2009 in Radiotherapy and Oncology volume 92 on page S56

Authors: T. Mackie

Social Dynamics of Abandonment of Harmful Practices

Report Series published 31 May 2009 in Innocenti Working Papers

Authors: Gerry Mackie, John LeJeune

Mobile Biomass Pelletizing System

Report published 16 Apr 2009

Authors: Thomas Mason


Monograph published 2009

Authors: Andrew S. Mason

Are CEOs Expected Utility Maximizers?

Report published Oct 2009

Authors: John List, Charles Mason

The Cambridge Introduction to William Wordsworth

Monograph published 2009

Authors: Emma Mason