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Source recognition by stimulus content in the MTL

Journal Article published Mar 2014 in Brain Research volume 1553 on pages 59 to 68

Authors: Heekyeong Park, Cheryl Abellanoza, James Schaeffer, Kellen Gandy

Six-Month MTL Atrophy is Associated with Subsequent Memory Decline in Elderly Controls

Journal Article published Jul 2010 in Alzheimer's & Dementia volume 6 issue 4 on page S38

Authors: Elizabeth A. Murphy, D. Holland, D.J. Hagler, A.M. Dale, J.B. Brewer

MTL index: A simple new method for measuring atrophy of the medial temporal lobe using clinically available neuroimaging

Journal Article published Jul 2012 in Alzheimer's & Dementia volume 8 issue 4 on page P340

Authors: Manuel Menendez, Marta Martínez Rivera, López-Muñiz Alfonso, Jose Antonio Vega

The parahippocampal gyrus links the default-mode cortical network with the medial temporal lobe memory system

Journal Article published 13 Feb 2013 in Human Brain Mapping volume 35 issue 3 on pages 1061 to 1073

Research funded by NIA (AG027435, P01AG036694, P50 AG005134, K24 AG035007, NS002189, K01 AG040197) | European Molecular Biology Organization (ALTF 318-2011) | Fidelity Medical Foundation | Harvard NeuroDiscovery Center | American Health Assistance Foundation

Authors: Andrew M. Ward, Aaron P. Schultz, Willem Huijbers, Koene R.A. Van Dijk, Trey Hedden, Reisa A. Sperling

SCOPE-mTL: A non-invasive tool for identifying and lateralizing mesial temporal lobe seizures prior to scalp EEG ictal onset

Journal Article published Sep 2017 in Clinical Neurophysiology volume 128 issue 9 on pages 1647 to 1655

Research funded by National Institutes of Health (NINDS R25-NS065743, NINDS RO1-NS062092, NINDS-K24-NS088568) | Massachusetts General Hospital Executive Committee on Research

Authors: Alice D. Lam, Douglas Maus, Sahar F. Zafar, Andrew J. Cole, Sydney S. Cash

Automated volumetry and regional thickness analysis of hippocampal subfields and medial temporal cortical structures in mild cognitive impairment

Journal Article published 2 Sep 2014 in Human Brain Mapping volume 36 issue 1 on pages 258 to 287

Research funded by National Institute on Aging (K25 AG027785, K23 AG028018, P30AG010124, R01 AG037376) | National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering (R01 EB014346)

Authors: Paul A. Yushkevich, John B. Pluta, Hongzhi Wang, Long Xie, Song-Lin Ding, Eske C. Gertje, Lauren Mancuso, Daria Kliot, Sandhitsu R. Das, David A. Wolk

Distinct white matter injury associated with medial temporal lobe atrophy in Alzheimer's versus semantic dementia

Journal Article published 16 Dec 2016 in Human Brain Mapping volume 38 issue 4 on pages 1791 to 1800

Research funded by Fondation Plan Alzheimer | Ministère de la Santé (PHRC-I, 2011, API 06-06; PHRC-N, 2011, 06-01, PHRC-N, 2012, 12-006-0347) | Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR, 07LVIE 006) | Conseil Régional de Normandie | Institut national de la santé et de la recherche médicale (INSERM) | Association France Alzheimer | Ministère de l'Education Nationale, de l'Enseignement Supérieur et de la Recherche

Authors: Alexandre Bejanin, Béatrice Desgranges, Renaud La Joie, Brigitte Landeau, Audrey Perrotin, Florence Mézenge, Serge Belliard, Vincent de La Sayette, Francis Eustache, Gaël Chételat