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Material Specificity Drives Medial Temporal Lobe Familiarity But Not Hippocampal Recollection

Journal Article published 26 Dec 2016 in Hippocampus volume 27 issue 2 on pages 194 to 209

Research funded by Wellcome Trust (094597)

Authors: Alex Kafkas, Ellen M. Migo, Robin G. Morris, Michael D. Kopelman, Daniela Montaldi, Andrew R. Mayes

Going beyond LTM in the MTL: A synthesis of neuropsychological and neuroimaging findings on the role of the medial temporal lobe in memory and perception

Journal Article published Mar 2010 in Neuropsychologia volume 48 issue 4 on pages 831 to 853

Research funded by Medical Research Council | Alzheimer's Research Trust | Peterhouse, Cambridge | Wellcome Trust (#082315) | Wales Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, established via a grant from the Welsh Assembly Government

Authors: Kim S. Graham, Morgan D. Barense, Andy C.H. Lee