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Computing descent direction of MTL robustness for non-linear systems

Conference Paper published Jun 2013 in 2013 American Control Conference

Authors: Houssam Abbas, Georgios Fainekos

Soft Sets and Soft MTL-Algebras

Conference Paper published Aug 2011 in 2011 International Conference on Internet Technology and Applications

Authors: Zhenguo Zhu

Comparison of some mathematical models for MTL transient and sensitivity analysis

Conference Paper published Apr 2009 in 2009 19th International Conference Radioelektronika

Authors: Lubomir Brancik

Improvements on the MTL-STD-85485 low pass cable line

Conference Paper published in Proceedings of Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility

Authors: F. Mayer-Lead

High performance output Schottky I2L/MTL

Conference Paper published 1977 in 1977 International Electron Devices Meeting

Authors: J.M. Herman

Status and trends of I2L/MTL technology

Conference Paper published 1983 in 1983 International Electron Devices Meeting

Authors: S.K. Wiedmann

MTL robust testing and verification for LPV systems

Conference Paper published 2009 in 2009 American Control Conference

Authors: Georgios E. Fainekos, George J. Pappas


Conference Paper published Apr 2012 in Quantitative Logic and Soft Computing


Hypersequents as a uniform framework for Urquhart's C, MTL and related logics

Conference Paper published in Proceedings 31st IEEE International Symposium on Multiple-Valued Logic

Authors: A. Ciabattoni, C.G. Fermuller

The transient response of discontinuous MTL based on BLT equation

Conference Paper published Nov 2015 in 2015 7th Asia-Pacific Conference on Environmental Electromagnetics (CEEM)

Authors: Xu Qingxiu, Xie Yanzhao