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Hydrogen Assisted Cracking of High Strength Steel Welds

Report published 1 May 1988

Authors: Steven A. Gedeon

Fatigue Resistant Optical Fibers

Report published 1 May 1991

Authors: George G. Bryant

Low Cost Sintering of Titanium Diboride for Armor

Report published 1 Oct 1988

Authors: M. W. Vance

Requirements and Selection of Laboratory Robotic Systems

Report published 1 Jun 1989

Authors: James D. Kleinmeyer

Stress-Induced Cracking of Fluorocarbon Rubber MTL-0002 After Exposure to DS-2

Report published 1 Sep 1993

Authors: Karen M. Kinsley

Precipitation on Dislocations in Al-Li-Cu-Mg-Zr

Report published 1 Mar 1990

Authors: D. M. Vanderwalker

The Supply of Tungsten in 1989

Report published 1 Aug 1989

Authors: Robert J. Dowding, Kenneth J. Tauer

Examination of the Tensile Strength of Graphite Fibers

Report published 1 Feb 1989

Authors: Elizabeth C. Goeke, Shun-Chin Chou

VO2 Thin Films

Report published 1 Jul 1986

Authors: Y. Hui, R. Brusasco, R. Kershaw, K. Dwight, A. Wold

A Generic Structural Integrity Assurance Technology Program for the Army

Report published 1 Nov 1989

Authors: William T. Matthews

An Investigation of the Workability of A1-8.5% Mg Alloys

Report published 1 Apr 1989

Authors: Marietta R. Cappucci

Current Status of the Carbon Fiber Industry in Japan

Report published 1 Apr 1989

Authors: Sin-Shong Lin

Performance of Sampling Activities at MTL Watertown, Massachusetts for EG&G Idaho, Inc.

Report published 1 May 1990

Authors: Robert N. Lambe

A Pascal Program for Mass Spectral Isotope Cluster Identification

Report published 1 Sep 1991

Authors: I-Jong Lin, David A. Bulpett

Weldability of 2519-T87 Aluminum Alloy

Report published 1 Dec 1988

Authors: Jack H. Devletian, Sandra M. DeVincent, Steven A. Gedeon

A Computational and Experimental Investigation of Mode 1 Fracture in an Elastomer

Report published 1 Sep 1990

Authors: Claudia J. Quigley

An Interactive Office Accounting Program Written in UNIX and C

Report published 1 Jul 1992

Authors: Karen M. Kinsley

Corrosion of High Density Kinetic Energy Penetrator Materials

Report published 1 Apr 1992

Authors: Chester V. Zabielski, Milton Levy

A C(Superscript)-Anisoparametric Three-Node Shallow Shell Element for General Shell Analysis

Report published 1 Aug 1989

Authors: Alexander Tessler

Strain Aging in Tungsten-Heavy Alloys

Report published 1 Jul 1989

Authors: Robert J. Dowding, Kenneth J. Tauer