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Teaching English as a Second Language at Pre-school Level

Journal Article published Mar 1976 in English in Education volume 10 issue 1 on pages 38 to 44

Authors: Edle Garvie

The Chameleon Nature of Language

Journal Article published Sep 1988 in English in Education volume 22 issue 3 on pages 29 to 38

Authors: Chris Bridge

“Speaking properly”: language conceptions problematized in English lessons of an undergraduate teacher education course in Brazil

Journal Article published 3 Sep 2018 in Ilha do Desterro A Journal of English Language, Literatures in English and Cultural Studies volume 71 issue 3 on pages 81 to 98

Authors: Rosane Rocha Pessoa, Julma Dalva Vilarinho Pereira Borelli, Viviane Pires Viana Silvestre

Labor, Precarity, and the University: Thinking about Indian Higher Education

Journal Article published 1 Sep 2016 in English Language Notes volume 54 issue 2 on pages 167 to 174

Authors: Subarno Chattarji

English Language and an Inclusive Malaysia

Journal Article published 27 Sep 2018 in 3L The Southeast Asian Journal of English Language Studies volume 24 issue 3 on pages 206 to 219

Authors: James Campbell

Special Issue Spring 2020: Multilingualism and English education

Journal Article published 2 Sep 2018 in English in Education volume 52 issue 3 on pages 273 to 274

Authors: Rachael Gilmour

English in Education from 2018

Journal Article published 2 Jan 2018 in English in Education volume 52 issue 1 on pages 1 to 1

Authors: John Hodgson, Ann Harris

Reading, Readers and English

Journal Article published 2 Jan 2018 in English in Education volume 52 issue 1 on pages 2 to 4

Authors: Marcello Giovanelli, Jessica Mason

English in Projects

Journal Article published Mar 1974 in English in Education volume 8 issue 1 on pages 13 to 23

Authors: Margaret Mallett

English Poetry and the English Language

Journal Article published 5 Jan 1935 in Notes and Queries volume CLXVIII issue jan05 on pages 17 to 18