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English or Russian? English language teacher training and education

Journal Article published 22 Nov 2005 in World Englishes volume 24 issue 4 on pages 471 to 476

Authors: Irina L. Kolesnikova

Contextualising a pedagogical model for English-language education in Hong Kong

Journal Article published 2 May 2016 in World Englishes volume 35 issue 3 on pages 372 to 395

Authors: JIM Y. H. CHAN

English Language Education in China: Policies, Progress, and Problems

Journal Article published Mar 2005 in Language Policy volume 4 issue 1 on pages 5 to 24

Authors: Guangwei Hu

Improving the Skills of English Language Teachers

Journal Article published 1 Feb 1962 in Russian Education & Society volume 4 issue 4 on pages 52 to 56

Authors: I. N. Pokrovskii

On the reciprocal influence of language politics and language education: The case of English in Switzerland

Journal Article published Mar 2005 in Language Policy volume 4 issue 1 on pages 67 to 85

Authors: Fran�ois Grin, Britta Korth

English language ideologies in the Chinese foreign language education policies: a world-system perspective

Journal Article published Aug 2011 in Language Policy volume 10 issue 3 on pages 245 to 263

Authors: Lin Pan

Profit and prejudice: a critique of private English language education in Vietnam

Journal Article published 22 Dec 2017 in British Journal of Sociology of Education on pages 1 to 16

Authors: Dominic Hewson

Environmental peace education in foreign language learners’ English grammar lessons

Journal Article published 27 Feb 2009 in Journal of Peace Education volume 6 issue 1 on pages 87 to 99

Authors: Arda Arikan

Lin Pan, English as a global language in China: Deconstructing the ideological discourse of English in language education. London: Springer, 2015. Pp. 189. Hb. £90.

Journal Article published Jun 2017 in Language in Society volume 46 issue 03 on pages 444 to 445

Authors: Huhua Ouyang, Ruhua Jin

Hong Kong's new English language policy in education

Journal Article published Jul 2000 in World Englishes volume 19 issue 2 on pages 185 to 204

Authors: Stephen Evans