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English or Russian? English language teacher training and education

Journal Article published 22 Nov 2005 in World Englishes volume 24 issue 4 on pages 471 to 476

Authors: Irina L. Kolesnikova

Global Expansion and English Language Learning

Journal Article published Mar 2016 in New Directions for Higher Education volume 2016 issue 173 on pages 75 to 85

Authors: Maureen Snow Andrade

Does Bilingual Education Interfere with English-Language Acquisition?*

Journal Article published 25 Oct 2010 in Social Science Quarterly volume 91 issue 4 on pages 1103 to 1122

Authors: Dylan Conger

Contextualising a pedagogical model for English-language education in Hong Kong

Journal Article published 2 May 2016 in World Englishes volume 35 issue 3 on pages 372 to 395

Authors: JIM Y. H. CHAN

English Language Education in the Swedish Compulsory School

Journal Article published May 1999 in Foreign Language Annals volume 32 issue 2 on pages 234 to 242

Authors: E.G. Kim-Rivera

Language background, proficiency in English, and selection for language development

Journal Article published Sep 1997 in Medical Education volume 31 issue 5 on pages 312 to 319

Authors: A Chur-Hansen

Improving the Academic Performance of Non-native English-Speaking Students: the Contribution of Pre-sessional English Language Programmes

Journal Article published 20 Dec 2016 in Higher Education Quarterly volume 71 issue 1 on pages 5 to 32

Authors: Andy Thorpe, Martin Snell, Sue Davey-Evans, Richard Talman

A beginning bibliography of english language publications concerning science education in Japan

Journal Article published Jun 1986 in Science Education volume 70 issue 3 on pages 351 to 354

Beginning Activities for English Language Learners; Intermediate Activities for English Language Learners; Advanced Activities for English Language Learners

Journal Article published 1987 in The Modern Language Journal volume 71 issue 4 on page 445

Authors: Susan Klopp, Lee Colman, Linda Schinke-Llano

Foundations for Teaching English as a Second Language. Theory and Method for Multicultural Education

Journal Article published Jan 1977 in The Modern Language Journal volume 61 issue 1/2 on page 82

Authors: Fraida Dubin, Muriel Saville-Troike