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JTB Report '91: All About Japanese Overseas Travelers. Japan Travel Bureau. JTB Tips, Marufuji Building 2F, 2-2-4 Toyo, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135, Japan. 1991. 75p

Journal Article published Oct 1992 in Journal of Travel Research volume 31 issue 2 on pages 60 to 60

Solution structure of the extracellular domain of JTB

Component published 11 Aug 2010

Authors: F. Rousseau, A. Lingel, B. Pan, W.J. Fairbrother, F. Bazan

Fifty years of JTB: Past, present and future

Journal Article published Jan 2011 in Journal of Theoretical Biology volume 268 issue 1 on pages iii to iv

Authors: Denise Kirschner


Journal Article published Oct 2013 in Philosophical Issues volume 23 issue 1 on pages 199 to 222

Authors: E.J. Coffman

Fractionation of the fibroin ofBombyx moriwith trypsin

Journal Article published Oct 1964 in Biochemical Journal volume 93 issue 1 on pages 45 to 54

Authors: JTB Shaw

Fractionation of the fibroin ofBombyx moriwith alkali

Journal Article published Oct 1964 in Biochemical Journal volume 93 issue 1 on pages 54 to 61

Authors: JTB Shaw

"Q i-jtb the Raven": Taking Dirty OCR Seriously

Journal Article published 2017 in Book History volume 20 issue 1 on pages 188 to 225

Authors: Ryan Cordell

Pulse Oximetry , 2nd ed., by JTB Moyle (BMJ, London, UK, 2002. 174 pp. �19.95. ISBN 0-7279-1740-4)

Journal Article published 1 Feb 2003 in Journal of Anesthesia volume 17 issue 1 on pages 74 to 74

Authors: Kunio Suwa

Big in Japan: internet adds a new dimension to customer organization

Journal Article published Apr 2005 in Strategic Direction volume 21 issue 4 on pages 19 to 21

Phosphorus metabolism in ruminants. 2. Effects of inorganic phosphorus concentration upon food intake and digestibility

Journal Article published 1985 in Australian Journal of Agricultural Research volume 36 issue 4 on page 647

Authors: JTB Milton, JH Ternouth