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Short-term poverty dynamics in rural Indonesia during the economic crisis

Journal Article published 26 Feb 2003 in Journal of International Development volume 15 issue 2 on pages 133 to 144

Authors: Asep Suryahadi, Wenefrida Widyanti, Sudarno Sumarto

Child Malnutrition in Indonesia: Can Education, Sanitation and Healthcare Augment the Role of Income?

Journal Article published 25 Mar 2018 in Journal of International Development volume 30 issue 5 on pages 837 to 864

Authors: Indunil De Silva, Sudarno Sumarto

Beyond ‘State Ibuism’: Empowerment Effects in State-led Development in Indonesia

Journal Article published 20 Dec 2017 in Development and Change volume 49 issue 5 on pages 1143 to 1165

Research funded by Australian Research Council (DE130100468)

Authors: Tanya Jakimow

Playboy Indonesia and the Media: Commerce and the Islamic Public Sphere on Trial in Indonesia

Journal Article published Mar 2008 in South East Asia Research volume 16 issue 1 on pages 85 to 116

Authors: Philip Kitley

Natural regeneration on land degraded by coal mining in a tropical climate: Lessons for ecological restoration from Indonesia

Journal Article published 27 Sep 2018 in Land Degradation & Development volume 29 issue 11 on pages 4050 to 4060

Research funded by Scheme for Academic Mobility and Exchange program (Directorate General of Resources for Science, Technology and Higher Education of Indonesia) | PT. Arutmin Indonesia (NA)

Authors: Vivi Novianti, Rob H. Marrs, Devi N. Choesin, Djoko T. Iskandar, Didik Suprayogo

Forests, law and customary rights in Indonesia: Implications of a decision of the Indonesian Constitutional Court in 2012

Journal Article published 12 Nov 2018 in Asia Pacific Viewpoint volume 59 issue 3 on pages 293 to 308

Research funded by Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Authors: Herman Hidayat, Herry Yogaswara, Tuti Herawati, Patricia Blazey, Stephen Wyatt, Richard Howitt


Journal Article published 3 Feb 2014 in Journal of International Development volume 26 issue 5 on pages 731 to 743

Authors: Richard J. Stanford, Budy Wiryawan, Dietriech G. Bengen, Rudi Febriamansyah, John Haluan

Resource Allocation, Structural Change, and the Dynamics of Manufacturing Productivity in Indonesia

Journal Article published 8 Nov 2018 in The Developing Economies volume 56 issue 4 on pages 297 to 327

Authors: Chih-Hai Yang, Chao-Jing Yang, Chung-Yueh Chiu, Hsuan-Yu Lin

A Brief Survey of India‑Indonesia Relations

Journal Article published Mar 1996 in Contemporary Southeast Asia volume 17 issue 4 on pages 389 to 405

Authors: Ganganath Jha

Golkar of Indonesia: Recent Developments

Journal Article published Sep 1997 in Contemporary Southeast Asia volume 19 issue 2 on pages 190 to 204

Authors: Leo Suryadinata