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No relationship between birth season and age at menarche in Indonesia

Journal Article published 27 Aug 2018 in Anthropologischer Anzeiger volume 75 issue 3 on pages 225 to 232

Authors: Kitae Sohn

Discovery of the subfamily Lycorininae Cushman & Rohwer, 1920 (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae) from Indonesia, based on Lycorina longicauda Shimizu, sp. nov., with a key to the Oriental Lycorina species

Journal Article published 20 Jul 2018 in Austral Entomology

Research funded by Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (14J07309) | Heiwa Nakajima Foundation | Ministry of State for Research and Technology, Indonesia (322/SIP/FRP/SM/VIII/2013)

Authors: So Shimizu, Ryo Ogawa

Growth, mortality and exploitation rate of Plectropomus maculatus and P. oligocanthus (Groupers, Serranidae) on Cenderawasih Bay National Park, Indonesia

Journal Article published Sep 2017 in The Egyptian Journal of Aquatic Research volume 43 issue 3 on pages 213 to 218

Research funded by Ministry of Research and Higher Education of Republic Indonesia

Authors: Mudjirahayu, Roni Bawole, Unstain N.W.J. Rembet, Arnold S. Ananta, Ferawati Runtuboi, Ridwan Sala

Melobasina riedeli n. sp. from Indonesia (Coleoptera: Buprestidae: Chrysochroinae)

Journal Article published 3 Feb 2010 in Zootaxa volume 2350 issue 1 on page 53


Helferella oborili sp. nov. from Indonesia (Coleoptera: Buprestidae: Polycestinae: Haplostethini)

Journal Article published 3 Feb 2010 in Zootaxa volume 2350 issue 1 on page 66


Three new species of scuttle fly (Diptera: Phoridae) from Indonesia

Journal Article published 11 Feb 2010 in Zootaxa volume 2357 issue 1 on page 63

Authors: R. H. L. DISNEY

Some Laboulbeniaceae (Ascomycetes) on Insects from India and Indonesia

Journal Article published Nov 1963 in American Journal of Botany volume 50 issue 10 on page 986

Authors: Suzanne W. Tubby Batra

Changes in Soil Phosphorus during 200 Years of Shifting Cultivation in Indonesia

Journal Article published Oct 2001 in Ecology volume 82 issue 10 on page 2769

Authors: Deborah Lawrence, William H. Schlesinger

A Checklist of Euglenoids (Euglenophyceae) of Indonesia

Journal Article published 2018 in International Journal on Algae volume 20 issue 2 on pages 135 to 152

Authors: D. A. Kapustin, N. V. Kapustina

Plant Recolonization and Vegetation Succession on the Krakatau Islands, Indonesia

Journal Article published Feb 1989 in Ecological Monographs volume 59 issue 2 on pages 59 to 123

Authors: R. J. Whittaker, M. B. Bush, K. Richards