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Financing marine conservation tourism: Governing entrance fees in Raja Ampat, Indonesia

Journal Article published Apr 2017 in Marine Policy volume 78 on pages 181 to 188

Research funded by Higher Education of the Republic of Indonesia (431/E4.4/K/2013)

Authors: Ery Atmodjo, Machiel Lamers, Arthur Mol

{BLR 2199} AMDL - Briana Bio-Tech - Cancer - Indonesia

Journal Article published Jan 1996 in Biotechnology Law Report volume 15 issue 1 on pages 58 to 59

Trends in allometric models and aboveground biomass of family Rhizophoraceae mangroves in the Coral Triangle ecoregion, Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia

Journal Article published 26 Mar 2018 in Journal of Sustainable Forestry volume 37 issue 7 on pages 691 to 711

Research funded by Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education Republic of Indonesia (0100/E5.1/PE/2015, 0299/E3/2016, and 025/E3/2017)

Authors: Analuddin Kangkuso, Sahadev Sharma, Jamili Jamili, Andi Septiana, Idin Sahidin, Usman Rianse, Saban Rahim, Kazuo Nadaoka

Trade-offs between electrification and climate change mitigation: An analysis of the Java-Bali power system in Indonesia

Journal Article published Dec 2017 in Applied Energy volume 208 on pages 1020 to 1037

Research funded by Indonesian Endowment Fund (LPDP)

Authors: Kamia Handayani, Yoram Krozer, Tatiana Filatova

Environmental impact from agrochemicals in Bali (Indonesia)

Journal Article published Jul 1988 in Environmental Monitoring and Assessment volume 11 issue 1 on pages 1 to 23

Authors: Badruddin Machbub, Harvey F. Ludwig, D. Gunaratnam

Building effective Planning Support Systems for green urban water infrastructure—Practitioners’ perceptions

Journal Article published Nov 2018 in Environmental Science & Policy volume 89 on pages 153 to 162

Research funded by Australia-Indonesia Centre

Authors: Martijn Kuller, Megan Farrelly, Ana Deletic, Peter M. Bach

Transmigration in Indonesia: An evaluation of a population redistribution policy

Journal Article published Feb 1985 in Population Research and Policy Review volume 4 issue 1 on pages 1 to 30

Authors: Ton Van Der Wijst

Electricity subsidy reform in Indonesia: Demand-side effects on electricity use

Journal Article published May 2018 in Energy Policy volume 116 on pages 410 to 421

Research funded by Australian Research Council (DE160100750)

Authors: Paul J. Burke, Sandra Kurniawati

Tree diameter increments following silvicultural treatments in a dipterocarp forest in Kalimantan, Indonesia: A mixed-effects modelling approach

Journal Article published Jul 2017 in Forest Ecology and Management volume 396 on pages 195 to 206

Authors: Ruslandi, W.P. Cropper, F.E. Putz

Vegetation regeneration in a sustainably harvested mangrove forest in West Papua, Indonesia

Journal Article published Apr 2017 in Forest Ecology and Management volume 390 on pages 137 to 146

Authors: Mériadec Sillanpää, Juliana Vantellingen, Daniel A. Friess