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Geologic map of Indonesia - Peta geologi Indonesia

Report published 1965

Transnational Crime and Security Threats in Indonesia

Report published 1 Mar 2010

Authors: Pujo Wahyono

Creative Military Engagement: The Indonesia Case Study

Report published 22 Oct 2009

Authors: Matt Crabill

Indonesia in the Year 2000

Report published 1 Feb 1981

Authors: Thomas L. Wilborn

Corruption in Indonesia

Report published Aug 2004

Authors: J. Vernon Henderson, Ari Kuncoro

Final report for CCP activities in Philippines and Indonesia

Report published 16 Sep 2002

Authors: Bob Price

Sister Lab Program Prospective Partner Nuclear Profile: Indonesia

Report published 14 Dec 2006

Authors: M Bissani, S Tyson

Also Known as Indonesia: Notes on the Javanese Empire

Report published 1 Jan 2001

Authors: Ralph Peters

Monitoring Corruption: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Indonesia

Report published Nov 2005

Authors: Benjamin Olken

Turning over irrigation systems from the government of Indonesia to farmers

Report published 1987

Authors: D. Vermillion