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Application of the fuzzy theory to drug effects.

Journal Article published 1989 in CHEMICAL & PHARMACEUTICAL BULLETIN volume 37 issue 4 on pages 1112 to 1113

Authors: Toshio NISHIYAMA, Takao HAMA

Journal Article published 1998 in Catalysis Letters volume 53 issue 1/2 on pages 3 to 6

Authors: Dan Fărcaşiu, Dan Hâncu

Optical and structural properties of encapsulated Si nanocrystals formed in SiO2 by ion implantation

Journal Article published Sep 2002 in Surface and Coatings Technology volume 158-159 on pages 712 to 716

Authors: T.S Iwayama, T Hama, D.E Hole, I.W Boyd

Study on 14C-BHA absorption and distribution in rat

Journal Article published Jan 1985 in Chemosphere volume 14 issue 9 on pages 1307 to 1317

Authors: Masami Fujii, Tadanori Mayumi, Yuichi Kawai, Machiko Namikawa, Hiroko Kawano, Takao Hama

High Lithium Ion Conductivity of Glass–Ceramics Derived from Mechanically Milled Glassy Powders

Journal Article published Sep 2001 in Chemistry Letters volume 30 issue 9 on pages 872 to 873

Authors: Akitoshi Hayashi, Shigenori Hama, Hideyuki Morimoto, Masahiro Tatsumisago, Tsutomu Minami

Effects of quantitative disorder on the electronic structure of tetrahedrally-bonded amorphous semiconductors

Journal Article published Jan 1979 in Solid State Communications volume 29 issue 4 on pages 371 to 373

Authors: T. Hama, F. Yonezawa

Structural change of compressed Xe as a phase transition preceding metallization

Journal Article published Mar 1981 in Solid State Communications volume 37 issue 11 on pages 889 to 891

Authors: J. Hama, S. Matsui

Correlation of thermally stimulated current and blow molding condition in poly(ethylene terephthalate) bottles

Journal Article published Feb 2000 in Polymer Engineering & Science volume 40 issue 2 on pages 391 to 397

Authors: Rahmat Satoto, Takashi Hama, Junko Morikawa, Toshimasa Hashimoto

Structural change of Li2S–P2S5 sulfide solid electrolytes in the atmosphere

Journal Article published 3 Feb 2011 in Solid State Ionics volume 182 issue 1 on pages 116 to 119

Authors: Hiromasa Muramatsu, Akitoshi Hayashi, Takamasa Ohtomo, Sigenori Hama, Masahiro Tatsumisago

Lithium intercalation of LiCuTa3O9 and its structural change

Journal Article published 1993 in Journal of Materials Chemistry volume 3 issue 3 on page 325

Authors: Mineo Sato, Tetsuro Jin, Yoshiki Hama, Kazuyoshi Uematsu