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Film boiling on a vertical plate in subcooled helium II

Journal Article published Apr 2007 in Cryogenics volume 47 issue 4 on pages 209 to 219

Authors: K. Hama, M. Shiotsu

Equation of state and metallization of ice under very high pressure

Journal Article published 8 Oct 1990 in Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter volume 2 issue 40 on pages 8107 to 8111

Authors: J Hama, Y Shiomi, K Suito

Influence of aggregate materials characteristics on the drying shrinkage properties of mortar and concrete

Journal Article published Dec 2013 in Construction and Building Materials volume 49 on pages 500 to 510

Authors: Wenyan Zhang, Mohamed Zakaria, Yukio Hama

Forming Limit Prediction in Bore Expansion by Combination of Finite Element Simulation and Ductile Fracture Criterion

Journal Article published 2009 in MATERIALS TRANSACTIONS volume 50 issue 8 on pages 1930 to 1934

Authors: Hirohiko Takuda, Keisuke Ozawa, Takayuki Hama, Tohru Yoshida, Jun Nitta

Effect of Tool-Modeling Accuracy on Square-Cup Deep-Drawing Simulation

Journal Article published 2008 in MATERIALS TRANSACTIONS volume 49 issue 2 on pages 278 to 283

Authors: Takayuki Hama, Masato Takamura, Akitake Makinouchi, Cristian Teodosiu, Hirohiko Takuda

Electronic behavior of calcined material obtained from a gallium-N-phenylene-N hybrid copolymer

Journal Article published Jan 2008 in Materials Research Bulletin volume 43 issue 1 on pages 104 to 110

Authors: H. Matsui, S. Yamamoto, T. Hama, S. Karuppuchamy, M. Yoshihara

Crystal plasticity finite-element simulation of work-hardening behavior in a magnesium alloy sheet under biaxial tension

Journal Article published Jan 2012 in Computational Materials Science volume 51 issue 1 on pages 156 to 164

Authors: Takayuki Hama, Hirohiko Takuda

An electroluminescence device for printable electronics using coprecipitated ZnS:Mn nanocrystal ink

Journal Article published 9 Jan 2009 in Nanotechnology volume 20 issue 5 on page 055203

Authors: T Toyama, T Hama, D Adachi, Y Nakashizu, H Okamoto

First-principles calculation of the elastic stiffness tensor of aluminium nitride under high pressure

Journal Article published 19 Sep 1994 in Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter volume 6 issue 38 on pages 7617 to 7632

Authors: R Kato, J Hama

Activity of oxygen in liquid (lead + thallium) alloys

Journal Article published Jul 1984 in The Journal of Chemical Thermodynamics volume 16 issue 7 on pages 615 to 622

Authors: Shinya Otsuka, Nobuo Hama, Zensaku Kozuka