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Fabrication of organic molecules/ZnO hybrid structures toward glucose sensors

Conference Paper published in International Meeting for Future of Electron Devices, 2004.

Authors: K. Ogata, T. Hama, K. Hama, S. Sasa, K. Koike, M. Yano, M. Inoue

Characterization of super-resolution photolithography

Conference Paper published 1992 in International Technical Digest on Electron Devices Meeting

Authors: Fukuda, Yamanaka, Terasawa, Hama, Tawa, Okazaki

Curvilinear detailed routing algorithm and its extension to wire-spreading and wire-fattening

Conference Paper published in Proceedings of 1998 Asia and South Pacific Design Automation Conference

Authors: T. Hama, H. Etoh

Topological routing path search algorithm with incremental routability test

Conference Paper published in Proceedings of ASP-DAC '97: Asia and South Pacific Design Automation Conference

Authors: T. Hama, H. Etoh

A stable 10% solar cell with a-Si/a-Si double junction structure

Conference Paper published in IEEE Conference on Photovoltaic Specialists

Authors: Y. Ichikawa, S. Fujikake, T. Yoshida, T. Hama, H. Sakai

Drain avalanche hot hole injection mode on PMOSFETs

Conference Paper published in Technical Digest., International Electron Devices Meeting

Authors: F. Matsuoka, H. Hayashida, K. Hama, Y. Toyoshima, H. Iwai, K. Maeguchi

P2P live streaming system with low signal interruption

Conference Paper published in 18th International Conference on Advanced Information Networking and Applications, 2004. AINA 2004.

Authors: T. Hama, K. Asatani, H. Nakazato

On Ability of Peripheral Vision to Recognize Environments in Surrounding

Conference Paper published in 2006 IEEE Southwest Symposium on Image Analysis and Interpretation

Authors: M. Sakaguchi, T. Toriu, D. Nishio, H. Hama

New pneumatic rubber actuators to assist colonoscope insertion

Conference Paper published in Proceedings 2006 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation, 2006. ICRA 2006.

Authors: K. Suzumori, T. Hama, T. Kanda

TCP-AFEC: An adaptive FEC code control for end-to-end bandwidth guarantee

Conference Paper published Nov 2007 in Packet Video 2007

Authors: Tomoaki Tsugawa, Norihito Fujita, Takayuki Hama, Hideyuki Shimonishi, Tutomu Murase