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Protist Evolution and Phylogeny

Entry published 17 Mar 2014 in eLS

Authors: Jan Pawlowski

All optical gain-clamped amplifiers

Conference Paper published 8 Sep 2004

Authors: Jan Lamperski, Norbert Pawlowski

Editors: Jan Wojcik, Waldemar Wojcik

Qualitätsmanagement und Bildungscontrolling

Chapter published in Bildungscontrolling im E-Learning on pages 175 to 186

Authors: Jan M. Pawlowski, Sinje J. Teschler

The QCD phase diagram: Results and challenges

Conference Paper published 2011

Authors: Jan M. Pawlowski

Lerntechnologiestandards: Gegenwart und Zukunft

Chapter published 2004 in Was macht E-Learning erfolgreich? on pages 93 to 110

Authors: Jan M. Pawlowski

The new micro-kingdoms of eukaryotes

Journal Article published 15 Apr 2013 in BMC Biology volume 11 issue 1

Authors: Jan Pawlowski

On the QCD phase diagram at finite chemical potential

Conference Paper published 2011

Authors: Lisa M. Haas, Jens Braun, Jan M. Pawlowski

Ε-Learning-Standards: Chancen und Potenziale für die Hochschule der Zukunft

Chapter published in E-Learning in Hochschulen und Bildungszentren

Authors: Jan Μ. Pawlowski

Ein Entscheidungsmodell zur Auswahl von Qualitätsansätzen im E-Learning

Chapter published in E-Learning on pages 161 to 169

Authors: Jan M. Pawlowski

Handbook on Information Technologies for Education and Training

Book published 2002

Editors: Heimo H. Adelsberger, Betty Collis, Jan M. Pawlowski