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Simulation of a Random Variable and its Application to Game Theory

JOURNAL ARTICLE published May 2021 in Mathematics of Operations Research

Authors: Mehrdad Valizadeh | Amin Gohari

RETRACTED: Power and exponentials laws: Theory and application

JOURNAL ARTICLE published July 2019 in Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics

Authors: J.F. Gómez-Aguilar | Abdon Atangana

Zeros of self-inversive polynomials with an application to sampling theory

JOURNAL ARTICLE published February 2023 in Applied Mathematics and Computation

Authors: S.V. Bharanedhar | A. Antony Selvan | Riya Ghosh

A generalization of Cooke's integral inversion formula with application to remote-sensing theory

JOURNAL ARTICLE published February 1979 in Applied Mathematics and Computation

Authors: Alain L. Fymat


JOURNAL ARTICLE published 30 November 2012 in The Pure and Applied Mathematics

Authors: Ju Hong Kim

Operator norm localization for linear groups and its application to K-theory

JOURNAL ARTICLE published March 2011 in Advances in Mathematics

Authors: Erik Guentner | Romain Tessera | Guoliang Yu

On Projective Connexions and their Application to the General Field-Theory

JOURNAL ARTICLE published April 1933 in The Annals of Mathematics

Authors: J. A. Schouten | D. van Dantzig

An Application of Graph Theory and Integer Programming: Chessboard Non-attacking Puzzles

JOURNAL ARTICLE published March 1984 in Mathematics Magazine

Authors: L. R. Foulds | D. G. Johnston

Application of optimal control theory to bioremediation

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 2000 in Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics

Authors: Sanjay Chawla | Suzanne M. Lenhart

Noncommutative Markov chains associated to a pressigned evolution: An application to the quantum theory of measurement

JOURNAL ARTICLE published February 1978 in Advances in Mathematics

Authors: Luigi Accardi

An Application of the Infinite Matrix Theory to Mathieu Equation

JOURNAL ARTICLE published November 2006 in Computers & Mathematics with Applications

Authors: Bruno de Malafosse

Weak limits of random coefficient autoregressive processes and their application in ruin theory

JOURNAL ARTICLE published March 2020 in Insurance: Mathematics and Economics

Authors: Y. Dong | J. Spielmann

An application of Π 2 1 -logic to descriptive set theory

BOOK CHAPTER published 1985 in Lecture Notes in Mathematics

Authors: E. R. Griffor

An application of graph theory to social psychology

BOOK CHAPTER published 1969 in The Many Facets of Graph Theory

Authors: James E. Riley

On measurable solutions of a functional equation and their application to information theory

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 1983 in Applications of Mathematics

Authors: Gur Dial

Application of Graph Theory in Transportation Networks

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 10 July 2017 in International Journal of Scientific Research and Management

Authors: Sanjay kumar Bisen | Faculty Mathematics Govt. P.G. College, Datia (M.P.) (Affiliated to Jiwaji University Gwalior) India

Chapter 5 General Theory

BOOK CHAPTER published 1971 in Mathematics in Science and Engineering

From Goeritz Matrices to Quasi-alternating Links

BOOK CHAPTER published 2011 in The Mathematics of Knots

Authors: Józef H. Przytycki

The Principle of Linearity—Theory and Application

JOURNAL ARTICLE published December 1953 in The Mathematics Teacher

Authors: John W. Cell

Initial Value Methods for Boundary Value Problems: Theory and Application of Invariant Imbedding

BOOK published 1973 in Mathematics in Science and Engineering