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An Application of Set Theory to Coding Theory

JOURNAL ARTICLE published October 1989 in Mathematics Magazine

Authors: Noca Alon | Andy Liu

The Multivariate Theory of Functional Connections: Theory, Proofs, and Application in Partial Differential Equations

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 6 August 2020 in Mathematics

Authors: Carl Leake | Hunter Johnston | Daniele Mortari

An Application of Set Theory to Coding Theory

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 1 October 1989 in Mathematics Magazine

Authors: Noga Alon | Andy Liu

Theory and application of special functions

JOURNAL ARTICLE published June 1977 in Advances in Mathematics

Authors: Gian-Carlo Rota

The Mathematics of Knots

BOOK published 2011

Editors: Markus Banagl | Denis Vogel

Oriented matroid pairs, theory and an electric application

OTHER published 1996 in Contemporary Mathematics

Authors: Seth Chaiken

Iterative and Noniterative Splitting Methods of the Stochastic Burgers’ Equation: Theory and Application

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 30 July 2020 in Mathematics

Authors: Jürgen Geiser

Cash Flow Optimization on Insurance: An Application of Fixed-Point Theory

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 10 February 2023 in Mathematics

Research funded by Natural Science Foundation of Chongqing (cstc2020jcyj-msxmX0762,CSTB2022NSCQ-MSX0290) | Talent Initial Funding for Scientific Research of Chongqing Three Gorges University (20190020)

Authors: Yangmin Zhong | Huaping Huang

Application of Fuzzy Mathematics to Actuarial Science

BOOK CHAPTER published June 2006 in Actuarial Science

Application of Basic Graph Theory in Autonomous Motion of Robots

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 21 April 2021 in Mathematics

Authors: Petr Coufal | Štěpán Hubálovský | Marie Hubálovská

On Invariant Polynomials and Their Application in Field Theory

JOURNAL ARTICLE published April 1987 in Mathematics of Computation

Authors: Kurt Girstmair

An application of Galois theory to elementary arithmetic

JOURNAL ARTICLE published July 1974 in Advances in Mathematics

Authors: Ian Richards

Sampling Systems Theory and Its Application

JOURNAL ARTICLE published April 1965 in Mathematics of Computation

Authors: Ivan Selin | Ya. Z. Tsypkin

Geometric Topology and Field Theory on 3-Manifolds

BOOK CHAPTER published 2011 in The Mathematics of Knots

Authors: Kishore Marathe

Application of hypergraph theory in chemistry

JOURNAL ARTICLE published May 2001 in Discrete Mathematics

Authors: Elena V. Konstantinova | Vladimir A. Skorobogatov

Application of spectral theory to number theory

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 1 June 1985 in Rocky Mountain Journal of Mathematics

Authors: James Lee Hafner

Application of Number Theory in Inverse Problems in Physics

BOOK CHAPTER published May 2017 in Mathematics for Physicists

Application of optimal control theory to a scheduling theory problem using penalty functions

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 1970 in USSR Computational Mathematics and Mathematical Physics

Authors: P.A. Nepomyashchii

Application of coding theory to interconnection networks

JOURNAL ARTICLE published July 1992 in Discrete Applied Mathematics

Authors: Gilles Zémor | Gérard D. Cohen

An Application of Elementary Group Theory to Central Solitaire

JOURNAL ARTICLE published May 1998 in The College Mathematics Journal

Authors: Arie Bialostocki