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Application of coding theory to interconnection networks

JOURNAL ARTICLE published July 1992 in Discrete Applied Mathematics

Authors: Gilles Zémor | Gérard D. Cohen

Application: Incompressibility

BOOK CHAPTER published 19 October 2011 in Graduate Studies in Mathematics

Authors: Jeffrey Strom

093036 (M50) An application of game theory: Property catastrophe risk load

JOURNAL ARTICLE published October 1997 in Insurance: Mathematics and Economics

ALEKS: An application of knowledge space theory

JOURNAL ARTICLE published April 1999 in Electronic Notes in Discrete Mathematics

Authors: Jean-Claude Falgmagne

Application of Mass Service Theory to Economic Systems Optimization Problems—A Review

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 26 January 2024 in Mathematics

Research funded by President of the Russian Federation (NSh-1886.2022.2)

Authors: Farida F. Galimulina | Naira V. Barsegyan

Theory and Application of Average fs-Aggregate Algorithm

BOOK CHAPTER published 10 May 2021 in Theory and Practice of Mathematics and Computer Science Vol. 10

Authors: Rajesh Kumar Pal

Chapter 10 Application of the Theory to Specific Problems

BOOK CHAPTER published 1979 in Theory of Extremal Problems


JOURNAL ARTICLE published June 1907 in School Science and Mathematics

Authors: T. M. Blakslee

On the application of computational group theory to the theory of groups

OTHER published 2008 in Computational Group Theory and the Theory of Groups

Authors: Robert Fitzgerald Morse

An Inversion Formula and Its Application to Soliton Theory

JOURNAL ARTICLE published December 1993 in Advances in Applied Mathematics

Authors: G.Z. Tu

An application of valuation theory to two problems in discrete geometry

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 1986 in Discrete Mathematics

Authors: U. Betke | P. Gritzmann

Geometric programming—theory and application

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 1969 in USSR Computational Mathematics and Mathematical Physics

Authors: Yu.A. Filippov

An application of matching theory of edge-colourings

JOURNAL ARTICLE published September 1996 in Discrete Mathematics

Authors: Richard P. Anstee | Jerrold R. Griggs

An application of nonparametric regression estimation in credibility theory

JOURNAL ARTICLE published October 2000 in Insurance: Mathematics and Economics

Authors: Weimin Qian

An Application of Matrices over Finite Fields to Algebraic Number Theory

JOURNAL ARTICLE published July 1983 in Mathematics of Computation

Authors: Frank Gerth III

Mathematics and the Reading Process: a Practical Application of Theory

JOURNAL ARTICLE published April 1980 in The Mathematics Teacher

Authors: Margaret Henrichs | Tom Sisson

On an Application of Zagier’s Method in the Theory of Selberg’s Trace Formula

PROCEEDINGS ARTICLE published in Advanced Studies in Pure Mathematics

Authors: Eiji Yoshida

Number Theory: An Application of Logo

JOURNAL ARTICLE published December 1987 in School Science and Mathematics

Authors: W. George Cathcart

Application: Bott periodicity

BOOK CHAPTER published 19 October 2011 in Graduate Studies in Mathematics

Authors: Jeffrey Strom

An application of diverging integrals in problems of potential theory and the theory of elasticity

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 1993 in Journal of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics

Authors: P.I. Perlin