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Chapter III Stability Theory

BOOK CHAPTER published 1973 in Mathematics in Science and Engineering

An application of set theory to model theory

JOURNAL ARTICLE published December 1972 in Israel Journal of Mathematics

Authors: Mark Nadel

An Overview of Property 2R

BOOK CHAPTER published 2011 in The Mathematics of Knots

Authors: Martin Scharlemann

Chapter VI Application of the General Theory to Quadratic Fields

BOOK CHAPTER published 1973 in Pure and Applied Mathematics

DNA, Knots and Tangles

BOOK CHAPTER published 2011 in The Mathematics of Knots

Authors: De Witt Sumners

An Application of Matrix Theory

JOURNAL ARTICLE published March 1992 in The Mathematics Teacher

Authors: Paul Glaister

A cryptographic application of the Thurston norm

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 2 January 2020 in International Journal of Computer Mathematics: Computer Systems Theory

Authors: Ramón Flores | Delaram Kahrobaei | Thomas Koberda

An application of the Fokker-Planck equation in stochastic reservoir theory

JOURNAL ARTICLE published August 1984 in Applied Mathematics and Computation

Authors: Przemyslaw Zielinski

Automatic Differentiation of Algorithms: Theory, Implementation, and Application.

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 1994 in Mathematics of Computation

Authors: H. J. S. | Andreas Griewank | George F. Corliss

Interpolation between Sobolev Spaces in Lipschitz Domains with an Application to Multigrid Theory

JOURNAL ARTICLE published October 1995 in Mathematics of Computation

Authors: James H. Bramble

A Study on Fuzzy Resolving Domination Sets and Their Application in Network Theory

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 7 January 2023 in Mathematics

Authors: Manimozhi Vasuki | Ramachandramoorthi Shanmugapriya | Miroslav Mahdal | Robert Cep

Application of Fixed-Point Theory for a Nonlinear Fractional Three-Point Boundary-Value Problem

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 10 June 2019 in Mathematics

Authors: Ehsan Pourhadi | Reza Saadati | Sotiris K. Ntouyas

Team Arrangement Heuristic Algorithm (TAHA): Theory and application

JOURNAL ARTICLE published December 2019 in Mathematics and Computers in Simulation

Authors: Narek Babayan | Mojtaba Tahani

Theory and application of stochastic differential equations in China

OTHER published 1991 in Probability Theory and Its Applications in China

Authors: Rong Situ


JOURNAL ARTICLE published 30 September 2016 in Korean Journal of Mathematics

Authors: Satwanti Devi | A. Swaminathan

An application of group representation theory to picture recognition

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 1987 in Computers & Mathematics with Applications

Authors: C. Asmuth

An Application of Elementary Group Theory to Central Solitaire

JOURNAL ARTICLE published May 1998 in The College Mathematics Journal

Authors: Arie Bialostocki

A general convergence theory for nonlinear equations with application to integro-differential equations

JOURNAL ARTICLE published December 1996 in Applied Numerical Mathematics

Authors: M. Ganesh

Reserving for deferred capital gains tax (an application of option pricing theory).

JOURNAL ARTICLE published November 1993 in Insurance: Mathematics and Economics

Authors: M. Sherris

Chapter 1 Characteristic Theory

BOOK CHAPTER published 1973 in Initial Value Methods for Boundary Value Problems: Theory and Application of Invariant Imbedding