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An application of algebraic 𝐾-theory to sums of squares

OTHER published 1986 in Contemporary Mathematics

Authors: J. S. Hsia

Fixed points and surjectivity theorems via the A-proper mapping theory with application to differential equations

BOOK CHAPTER published in Lecture Notes in Mathematics

Authors: W. V. Petryshyn

Matrix Mathematics: Theory, Facts, and Formulas with Application to Linear Systems Theory [Book Review]

JOURNAL ARTICLE published August 2006 in IEEE Control Systems

An Overview Graphs Theory and Its Application in Various Scientific Field

PROCEEDINGS ARTICLE published 2019 in Proceedings of the 1st International MIPAnet Conference on Science and Mathematics

Authors: . Zahedi | . Suparni | Yenni Suzana | Fachrur Razi

A Theory of Ordered Determinants with Application to Polyadics

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 1925 in Journal of Mathematics and Physics

Authors: Frank L. Hitchcock

Sheaves Defined by Differential Equations and Application to Deformation Theory of Pseudo-Group Structures

JOURNAL ARTICLE published April 1964 in American Journal of Mathematics

Authors: Masatake Kuranishi

The Application of Bernadelli Waves: A Demographic Theory

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 15 March 2011 in Asian Journal of Mathematics & Statistics

Authors: M. Igwenagu Chinelo

Mittag-Leffler-Gaussian distribution: Theory and application to real data

JOURNAL ARTICLE published February 2019 in Mathematics and Computers in Simulation

Authors: Hamzeh Agahi | Mohsen Alipour

An Application of Approximation Theory to an Error Estimate in Linear Algebra

JOURNAL ARTICLE published July 1974 in Mathematics of Computation

Authors: Geneva G. Belford | E. H. Kaufman

A system of linear equations related to the transportation problem with application to probability theory

JOURNAL ARTICLE published May 1986 in Discrete Applied Mathematics

Authors: T.F. Lin

An Extended Base Belief Function in Dempster–Shafer Evidence Theory and Its Application in Conflict Data Fusion

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 1 December 2020 in Mathematics

Authors: Dingyi Gan | Bin Yang | Yongchuan Tang

Application of Learning Theory to Curriculum and Instruction Design

JOURNAL ARTICLE published December 2016 in School Science and Mathematics

Authors: Erin E. Peters‐Burton

The Application of Continued Fractions and their Generalizations to Problems in Approximation Theory

JOURNAL ARTICLE published July 1964 in Mathematics of Computation

Authors: D. S. | A. N. Khovanskii

Application of homogenization theory related to Stokes flow in porous media

JOURNAL ARTICLE published August 1999 in Applications of Mathematics

Authors: Børre Bang | Dag Lukkassen

On the Application of Fractional Derivative Operator Theory to the Electromagnetic Modeling of Frequency Dispersive Media

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 22 March 2024 in Mathematics

Authors: Aneesh S. Deogan | Roeland Dilz | Diego Caratelli

Number Theory

BOOK CHAPTER published 2013 in Mathematics in Computing

Authors: Gerard O’Regan

Game Theory: An Application of Probability

JOURNAL ARTICLE published February 1987 in The Mathematics Teacher

Authors: Robert E. Rector

The Application of the Theory of Admissible Numbers to Time Series with Variable Probability

JOURNAL ARTICLE published October 1936 in American Journal of Mathematics

Authors: Francis Regan

An application of Burnside rings in elementary finite group theory

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 1992 in Advances in Mathematics

Authors: Andreas W.M Dress | Christian Siebeneicher | Tomoyuki Yoshida

Matrix Theory

BOOK CHAPTER published 2013 in Mathematics in Computing

Authors: Gerard O’Regan