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Fatty acid composition of 19 species of fish from the black sea and the Marmara Sea

Journal Article published Mar 1999 in Lipids volume 34 issue 3 on pages 291 to 297

Authors: Refik Tanakol, Zeliha Yazici, Erdal Şener, Ergin Sencer

Cu,Zn superoxide dismutase inRhodotorulaandUdeniomycesspp. isolated from sea water: cloning and sequencing the encoding region

Journal Article published 24 Mar 2003 in Yeast volume 20 issue 6 on pages 479 to 492

Research funded by CONACyT, México

Authors: Norma Y. Hernández-Saavedra

A Comparative Analysis of the Wind and Wave Climate in the Black Sea Along the Shipping Routes

Journal Article published 12 Jul 2018 in Water volume 10 issue 7 on page 924

Authors: Liliana Rusu, Alina Raileanu, Florin Onea

The fatty acids of the spongeDysidea fragilis from the black sea

Journal Article published Aug 1992 in Lipids volume 27 issue 8 on pages 640 to 644

Authors: W. W. Christie, Elizabeth Y. Brechany, K. Stefanov, S. Popov

Bioinformatics training programs are hot but the labor market is not

Journal Article published Jan 2005 in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education volume 33 issue 1 on pages 58 to 62

Authors: Grant C. Black, Paula E. Stephan

Cloning yeast actin cDNA leads to an investigative approach for the molecular biology laboratory

Journal Article published May 2008 in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education volume 36 issue 3 on pages 217 to 224

Authors: Michael W. Black, Alice Tuan, Erin Jonasson

Correction to: Development of 21 polymorphic microsatellite markers for the black-banded sea krait, Laticauda semifasciata (Elapidae: Laticaudinae), and cross-species amplification for two other congeneric species

Journal Article published 1 Mar 2018 in Genes & Genomics volume 40 issue 7 on pages 799 to 799

Authors: Young Se Hyun, Il-Hun Kim, Ha Yeun Song, Daesik Park, Mamoru Toda, Tein-Shun Tsai, Hye Suck An

Effects of Pressure and pH on the Hydrolysis of Cytosine: Implications for Nucleotide Stability around Deep-Sea Black Smokers

Journal Article published 6 Feb 2018 in ChemBioChem volume 19 issue 6 on pages 540 to 544

Research funded by Marsden Fund (09-MAU-140)

Authors: Christopher P. Lepper, Martin A. K. Williams, David Penny, Patrick J. B. Edwards, Geoffrey B. Jameson

Seasonal variability of phytoplankton at Varna Bay (Black Sea)

Journal Article published 2003 in Phytochemical Analysis volume 14 issue 4 on pages 245 to 250

Authors: Snejana Moncheva, Shela Gorinstein, Galina Shtereva, Fernando Toledo, Patricia Arancibia, William A. Booth, Ivan Goshev, Moshe Weisz, Simon Trakhtenberg

Comparison of the fatty acids of the tunicateBotryllus schlosseri from the Black Sea with two associated bacterial strains

Journal Article published Jul 1995 in Lipids volume 30 issue 7 on pages 677 to 679

Authors: Néstor M. Carballeira, Fathi Shalabi, Kamen Stefanov, Krassimir Dimitrov, Simeon Popov, Athanas Kujumgiev, Stoitze Andreev