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Preparation of hierarchical porous carbonaceous foams from Kraft black liquor

Journal Article published Jun 2016 in Materials Today Communications volume 7 on pages 108 to 116

Research funded by Région Aquitaine

Authors: Amandine Foulet, Marc Birot, Rénal Backov, Guido Sonnemann, Hervé Deleuze

RF noise modeling of Black Phosphorus Junctionless Trench MOSFET in strong inversion region

Journal Article published Jan 2019 in Superlattices and Microstructures volume 125 on pages 72 to 79

Authors: Ajay Kumar, Neha Gupta, M.M. Tripathi, Rishu Chaujar

Research of the sea-filled airport OGU in the Black Sea, Turkey, using ground penetrating radar method

Journal Article published Jan 2018 in Construction and Building Materials volume 158 on pages 1123 to 1133

Research funded by Cengiz - Içtas Joint Venture-Turkey | Republic of Turkey General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments | Republic of Turkey Ministry of Transport | Maritime and Communications | Ankara University Earth Science Application and Research Center

Authors: Selma Kadioglu

Black is the new black

Journal Article published May 2018 in Materials Today volume 21 issue 4 on pages 322 to 323

Authors: David Bradley

Synthesis and characterization of hybrid composite membranes and their properties: Single cell performances based on carbon black catalyst/proton-conducting hybrid composite membrane for H 2 /O 2 fuel cells

Journal Article published Nov 2016 in Journal of Membrane Science volume 517 on pages 100 to 110

Research funded by Ministry of Education | Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

Authors: Uma Thanganathan

The Red Sea and the Mediterranean–Dead Sea canal project

Journal Article published Aug 2007 in Desalination volume 214 issue 1-3 on pages 365 to 371

Authors: Michael Beyth

Number-of-layer, pressure, and temperature resolved bond-phonon-photon cooperative relaxation of layered black phosphorus

Journal Article published 1 Jul 2016 in Journal of Raman Spectroscopy volume 47 issue 11 on pages 1304 to 1309

Research funded by National Science Foundation (11502223) | the open project program of key laboratory of low-dimensional materials and application technologies, Ministry of Education, China (KF20140202, HPIFP(CX2015B222) | the scientific research fund of Hunan provincial education department of China (15B189)

Authors: Yonghui Liu, Xuexian Yang, Maolin Bo, Xi Zhang, Xinjuan Liu, Chang Q. Sun, Yongli Huang

Growth pattern and electronic property of Si 12 C 12 -assembled structures

Journal Article published Dec 2016 in Superlattices and Microstructures volume 100 on pages 483 to 489

Research funded by gs1:NSFC (11464044) | Scientific Research Program for Graduate Students of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region (XJGRI2015108) | Mineral Luminescence Materials and their Microstructures of Key Laboratory at University of Education Department of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region of China (WDXY1506, WDXY1505)

Authors: Yuchao Tang, Junzhe Lu, Xuejun Yan, Xiang Lin, Hengjiang Zhu

Facile synthesis of high-quality ZnS, CdS, CdZnS, and CdZnS/ZnS core/shell quantum dots: characterization and diffusion mechanism

Journal Article published Dec 2013 in Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing volume 16 issue 6 on pages 1723 to 1729

Research funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China (21261003, 61076040) | Department of Education of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region (201202ZD069) | Natural Science Foundation of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region (2013GXNSFAA019027) | Guangxi University of Technology (12Z06)

Authors: Xinmei Liu, Yang Jiang, Fengming Fu, Weimin Guo, Wenyi Huang, Lijun Li

Comparative studies on cadmium levels in the North Sea, Norwegian Sea, Barents Sea and the Eastern Arctic Ocean

Journal Article published 1984 in Fresenius' Zeitschrift f�r Analytische Chemie volume 317 issue 3-4 on pages 201 to 209

Authors: L. Mart, H. W. N�rnberg, H. R�tzel