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Harvest of the sea

Journal Article published Feb 1951 in Science Education volume 35 issue 1 on pages 39 to 41

Authors: William Gardner

The Jewish Black Book Committee. The black book. New York: Duell, Sloan and Pearce, Inc., 1946. 560 p. $5.00

Journal Article published Feb 1947 in Science Education volume 31 issue 1 on pages 45 to 45

#BlackGirlMagic: The identity conceptualization of Black women in undergraduate STEM education

Journal Article published 29 Sep 2018 in Science Education

Research funded by National Science Foundation (143681)

Authors: Terrell R. Morton, Eileen C. Parsons

Assessment in science: A guide to professional development and classroom practice

Journal Article published 6 Jun 2003 in Science Education volume 87 issue 4 on pages 613 to 615

Authors: Paul Black

Black, Irma Simonton. Toby: A Curious Cat. New York: Holiday House, 1948. Unpaged. $1.50

Journal Article published Oct 1949 in Science Education volume 33 issue 4 on pages 305 to 305

Black, Kathleen. Manners for moderns. Boston: Allyn and Bacon. 117 p. $1.00

Journal Article published Feb 1951 in Science Education volume 35 issue 1 on pages 57 to 57

The relationship of science fiction reading to reasoning abilities

Journal Article published Apr 1965 in Science Education volume 49 issue 3 on pages 293 to 296

Authors: Edward K. Weaver, Eldred Black

Low black enrollment in chemistry and physics courses

Journal Article published Oct 1975 in Science Education volume 59 issue 4 on pages 571 to 573

Authors: Leopold E. Klopfer, Milton G. Ignatz

Equity for Black Americans in precollege science

Journal Article published Mar 2000 in Science Education volume 84 issue 2 on page 154

Authors: Mary Monroe Atwater

Equity for Black Americans in precollege science

Journal Article published Mar 2000 in Science Education volume 84 issue 2 on pages 154 to 179

Authors: Mary Monroe Atwater

Prehistoric sea monsters and the modern lamprey eel

Journal Article published Feb 1966 in Science Education volume 50 issue 1 on pages 81 to 82

Authors: Arthur H. Bryan

Program of the association for the education of teachers in science (eastern region) october 27–28, 1961 teachers college–columbia university, new york city

Journal Article published Oct 1962 in Science Education volume 46 issue 4 on pages 297 to 301

Research and development centres for science education in the South East Asian and Australasian region

Journal Article published Jun 1983 in Science Education volume 67 issue 3 on pages 421 to 424

Authors: John Dekkers, David F. Treagust

Some important biological problems of the southeastern region

Journal Article published Nov 1940 in Science Education volume 24 issue 6 on pages 301 to 305

Authors: Loraine Hunter

Is Science for Us? Black Students’ and Parents’ Views of Science and Science Careers

Journal Article published 18 Feb 2015 in Science Education volume 99 issue 2 on pages 199 to 237

Research funded by Economic and Social Research Council (RES-179-25-0008 ..)


Ware, Kay; Sutherland, Lucille, and Others. Stars, fishes, reptiles and amphibians, prchistoric animals, mountaius and volcanoes, jungle animals, sea shells, the sea, airplancs, unusual birds, the earth, space travel, insects, flowers, buttcrflies, birds, rocks and minerals, and trees. St. Louis, Missouri: Webster Publishing Company, 1957-1959. 32 pages each

Journal Article published Mar 1960 in Science Education volume 44 issue 2 on pages 152 to 152

McClung, Robert M. Major: The Story of a Black Bear. New York (425 Fourth Avenue): William Morrow and Company, Inc., 1956. 64 P. $2.00

Journal Article published Oct 1957 in Science Education volume 41 issue 4 on pages 363 to 364

A study of student opinion concerning survey courses in natural science

Journal Article published Apr 1953 in Science Education volume 37 issue 3 on pages 187 to 192

Authors: E. E. Black, H. F. Glidden

The status of science and mathematics in historically black colleges and universities

Journal Article published Oct 1985 in Science Education volume 69 issue 5 on pages 673 to 679

Authors: Julia V. Clark

Black, Newton Henry. An Introductory Course in College Physics. New York: The Macmillan Company, 1948. 800 p. $5.00

Journal Article published Dec 1948 in Science Education volume 32 issue 5 on pages 382 to 382