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Andrew Robarts. Migration and Disease in the Black Sea Region: Ottoman-Russian Relations in the Late Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Centuries.

Journal Article published 1 Feb 2018 in The American Historical Review volume 123 issue 1 on pages 331 to 332

Authors: Brian Davies

Russian–European relations in the Balkans and Black Sea region: Great Power identity and the idea of Europe

Journal Article published 1 May 2018 in International Affairs volume 94 issue 3 on pages 679 to 680

Authors: Mikhail Molchanov

Controlling Rhododendron spp. in the Turkish Black Sea Region

Journal Article published 2 Mar 2006 in Forestry: An International Journal of Forest Research volume 79 issue 2 on pages 177 to 184

Authors: Derya Eşen, Oktay Yildiz, Şemsettin Kulaç, Murat Sarginci

Natural radioactivity in tap waters of Eastern Black Sea region of Turkey

Journal Article published 19 Jul 2005 in Radiation Protection Dosimetry volume 118 issue 1 on pages 88 to 92

Authors: U. Çevik, N. Damla, G. Karahan, N. Çelebi, A. İ. Kobya

The politics of the Black Sea region: EU neighbourhood, conflict zone or future security community? By Carol Weaver

Journal Article published Jan 2015 in International Affairs volume 91 issue 1 on pages 193 to 194

Authors: Tracey German

Geomechanical model of the Marmara Sea region-I. 3-D contemporary kinematics

Journal Article published 14 Apr 2011 in Geophysical Journal International volume 185 issue 3 on pages 1073 to 1089

Authors: Tobias Hergert, Oliver Heidbach, Anne Bécel, Mireille Laigle

Geomechanical model of the Marmara Sea region-II. 3-D contemporary background stress field

Journal Article published 14 Apr 2011 in Geophysical Journal International volume 185 issue 3 on pages 1090 to 1102

Authors: Tobias Hergert, Oliver Heidbach

The Black Sea

Journal Article published 14 Apr 1855 in Notes and Queries volume s1-XI issue 285 on pages 283 to 283

Authors: A. C. M.

Description of a new Species of Idotea (Isopoda) from the Sea of Marmora and the Black Sea.

Journal Article published Nov 1916 in Journal of the Linnean Society of London, Zoology volume 33 issue 223 on pages 197 to 201

Authors: Walter E. Collinge

A comparison of late Holocene and twentieth-century sea-level trends from the UK and North Sea region

Journal Article published Apr 1992 in Geophysical Journal International volume 109 issue 1 on pages 96 to 105

Authors: I. Shennan, P. L. Woodworth