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Hydrometeorological characteristics of the Black-Sea region in the years with extreme values of the Sargasso–Black-Sea index

Journal Article published Oct 2010 in Physical Oceanography volume 20 issue 2 on pages 99 to 108

Authors: A. A. Sizov, A. E. Chekhlan

Breeze circulation in the black-sea region

Journal Article published Sep 2009 in Physical Oceanography volume 19 issue 5 on pages 289 to 300

Authors: V. V. Efimov, V. S. Barabanov

Climate of the Black Sea region around 0 C.E.

Journal Article published Jun 1991 in Climatic Change volume 18 issue 4 on pages 453 to 465

Authors: J. Neumann

The impact of recreation in the Black Sea region on surface and sea water quality ? Sochi case study

Journal Article published Jun 1992 in GeoJournal volume 27 issue 2 on pages 179 to 184

Authors: G. M. Chernogaeva, E. K. Fedorov

Numerical modeling of the influence of land–sea temperature contrasts on the atmospheric circulation in the Black-Sea region

Journal Article published Nov 2011 in Physical Oceanography volume 21 issue 4 on pages 221 to 229

Authors: V. V. Efimov, A. E. Anisimov

Experimental research on the hydrophysical characteristics and dynamics of waters in the north-west Black Sea in the region of the main Black Sea current

Journal Article published Sep 1992 in Soviet Journal of Physical Oceanography volume 3 issue 5 on pages 383 to 389

Authors: V. A. Blinkov, V. A. Dulov, O. V. Shul'gin

Monitoring of organochlorine pesticides in the surface waters from Mid-Black Sea Region, Turkey

Journal Article published 9 Mar 2010 in Environmental Monitoring and Assessment volume 173 issue 1-4 on pages 127 to 137

Authors: Feza Geyikçi, Hanife Büyükgüngör

Radiochemical characterization of mineral waters in the Eastern Black Sea Region, Turkey

Journal Article published 16 Feb 2011 in Environmental Monitoring and Assessment volume 182 issue 1-4 on pages 415 to 422

Authors: Yasar Kobya, Nevzat Damla, Ugur Cevik, Ali Ihsan Kobya

Changes of the geological environment of the Northern Black Sea region and the chemicalization of agricultural production

Journal Article published Jun 1992 in GeoJournal volume 27 issue 2 on pages 185 to 193

Authors: M. F. Rotar

Kala-azar in Trabzon (Eastern black sea) region of Turkey

Journal Article published Nov 1993 in The Indian Journal of Pediatrics volume 60 issue 6 on pages 819 to 822

Authors: H. Mocan, Y. Gedik, A. Okten, E. Erduran, N. Gacar