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Hydrometeorological characteristics of the Black-Sea region in the years with extreme values of the Sargasso–Black-Sea index

Journal Article published Oct 2010 in Physical Oceanography volume 20 issue 2 on pages 99 to 108

Authors: A. A. Sizov, A. E. Chekhlan

Breeze circulation in the black-sea region

Journal Article published Sep 2009 in Physical Oceanography volume 19 issue 5 on pages 289 to 300

Authors: V. V. Efimov, V. S. Barabanov

Climate of the Black Sea region around 0 C.E.

Journal Article published Jun 1991 in Climatic Change volume 18 issue 4 on pages 453 to 465

Authors: J. Neumann

The impact of recreation in the Black Sea region on surface and sea water quality ? Sochi case study

Journal Article published Jun 1992 in GeoJournal volume 27 issue 2 on pages 179 to 184

Authors: G. M. Chernogaeva, E. K. Fedorov

Numerical modeling of the influence of land–sea temperature contrasts on the atmospheric circulation in the Black-Sea region

Journal Article published Nov 2011 in Physical Oceanography volume 21 issue 4 on pages 221 to 229

Authors: V. V. Efimov, A. E. Anisimov

Experimental research on the hydrophysical characteristics and dynamics of waters in the north-west Black Sea in the region of the main Black Sea current

Journal Article published Sep 1992 in Soviet Journal of Physical Oceanography volume 3 issue 5 on pages 383 to 389

Authors: V. A. Blinkov, V. A. Dulov, O. V. Shul'gin

Monitoring of organochlorine pesticides in the surface waters from Mid-Black Sea Region, Turkey

Journal Article published 9 Mar 2010 in Environmental Monitoring and Assessment volume 173 issue 1-4 on pages 127 to 137

Authors: Feza Geyikçi, Hanife Büyükgüngör

The feeder network design problem: Application to container services in the Black Sea region

Journal Article published 13 Feb 2014 in Maritime Economics & Logistics volume 16 issue 3 on pages 343 to 369

Authors: Olcay Polat, Hans-Otto Günther, Osman Kulak

Radiochemical characterization of mineral waters in the Eastern Black Sea Region, Turkey

Journal Article published 16 Feb 2011 in Environmental Monitoring and Assessment volume 182 issue 1-4 on pages 415 to 422

Authors: Yasar Kobya, Nevzat Damla, Ugur Cevik, Ali Ihsan Kobya

ICZM in the Black Sea region: experience and perspectives

Journal Article published 8 Oct 2009 in Journal of Coastal Conservation volume 14 issue 4 on pages 265 to 272

Authors: Ekaterina Antonidze