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Breastfeeding and Future Maternal Health—No Causal Evidence

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 1 June 2018 in JAMA Internal Medicine

Authors: Veronica Velle-Forbord | Maria O. Underdal | Eszter Vanky

If Your Child Is Hospitalized: The Hospital Health Care Team

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 1 May 2013 in JAMA Pediatrics

Authors: Megan A. Moreno | Frederick P. Rivara

Shifts in Child Health Behaviors and Obesity After COVID-19

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 1 May 2024 in JAMA Pediatrics

Authors: Monica L. Wang | Cristina M. Gago


JOURNAL ARTICLE published 22 December 1999 in JAMA


JOURNAL ARTICLE published 12 March 1892 in JAMA: The Journal of the American Medical Association


Maternal Diethylstilbestrol a Time Bomb for Child?

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 6 December 1971 in JAMA: The Journal of the American Medical Association

Authors: Kathryn S. Huss


JOURNAL ARTICLE published 21 June 1902 in JAMA: The Journal of the American Medical Association

Authors: J. W. COOLIDGE

Identification of Levels of Maternal HIV-1 RNA Associated With Risk of Perinatal Transmission

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 28 February 1996 in JAMA

Authors: Ruth E. Dickover

Association Between Maternal Perinatal Depression and Anxiety and Child and Adolescent Development

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 1 November 2020 in JAMA Pediatrics

Authors: Alana Rogers | Shelley Obst | Samantha J. Teague | Larissa Rossen | Elizabeth A. Spry | Jacqui A. Macdonald | Matthew Sunderland | Craig A. Olsson | George Youssef | Delyse Hutchinson

Fostering Healthy Mental, Emotional, and Behavioral Development in Child Health Care

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 1 August 2020 in JAMA Pediatrics

Authors: Thomas F. Boat | Kelly J. Kelleher

The Ethical Dimensions of the Biological and Health Sciences

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 12 February 2003 in JAMA

Authors: Fredrick R. Abrams

Incidence of Maternal Sepsis and Sepsis-Related Maternal Deaths in the United States

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 3 September 2019 in JAMA

Authors: Matthew K. Hensley | Melissa E. Bauer | Lindsay K. Admon | Hallie C. Prescott

Intergenerational Associations of Parental Mental Illness and Child Health

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 3 August 2020 in JAMA Pediatrics

Authors: John V. Campo | Cynthia A. Fontanella | Jeffrey A. Bridge

Social Interventions and Health Care Utilization for Child Asthma—What’s in a Name?

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 7 February 2022 in JAMA Pediatrics

Authors: Kelly Kelleher | Mattina A. Davenport

Associations of Maternal Cardiovascular Health in Pregnancy With Offspring Cardiovascular Health in Early Adolescence

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 16 February 2021 in JAMA

Authors: Amanda M. Perak | Nicola Lancki | Alan Kuang | Darwin R. Labarthe | Norrina B. Allen | Svati H. Shah | Lynn P. Lowe | William A. Grobman | Jean M. Lawrence | Donald M. Lloyd-Jones | William L. Lowe | Denise M. Scholtens | HAPO Follow-Up Study Cooperative Research Group

How Can the Pediatric Community Enhance Funding for Child Health Research?

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 1 December 2021 in JAMA Pediatrics

Authors: Thomas F. Boat | Jeffrey A. Whitsett

Child Abuse–Related Emergency Department Visits Declined During Pandemic, but Share of Visits Leading to Hospitalization Increased, CDC Reports

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 15 December 2020 in JAMA Health Forum

Authors: Joan Stephenson

Associations Between State-Level Changes in Reproductive Health Services and Indicators of Severe Maternal Morbidity

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 1 January 2023 in JAMA Pediatrics

Authors: Summer Sherburne Hawkins | Sam Harper | Christopher F. Baum | Jay S. Kaufman

Association of Social Determinants of Health and Vaccinations With Child Mental Health During the COVID-19 Pandemic in the US

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 1 June 2022 in JAMA Psychiatry

Authors: Yunyu Xiao | Paul Siu-Fai Yip | Jyotishman Pathak | J. John Mann

Qualitative and Quantitative Measures of Indexed Health Sciences Electronic Journals

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 5 June 2002 in JAMA

Authors: Ann C. Weller