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Natural disturbance regimes as templates for the response of bird species assemblages to contemporary forest management

Journal Article published 8 Jan 2016 in Diversity and Distributions volume 22 issue 4 on pages 385 to 399

Research funded by Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada | Sustainable Forest Management Network to Drapeau | Fonds Québécois de la Recherche sur la Nature et les Technologies | NBWTF

Authors: Pierre Drapeau, Marc-André Villard, Alain Leduc, Susan J. Hannon

Editors: Joern Fischer

Urban Wildlife Management (third edition). Clark E.Adams. 2016. CRC Press, Taylor and Francis Group, New York. 569 pp. $120.00 hardcover. ISBN: 978-1-4987-0201-0.

Journal Article published 2 Dec 2016 in The Journal of Wildlife Management volume 81 issue 3 on pages 552 to 553

Authors: Robert D. Brown

Long-term lesser prairie-chicken nest ecology in response to grassland management

Journal Article published 13 Feb 2016 in The Journal of Wildlife Management volume 80 issue 3 on pages 527 to 539

Authors: Sarah R. Fritts, Blake A. Grisham, David A. Haukos, Clint W. Boal, Michael A. Patten, Don H. Wolfe, Charles E. Dixon, Robert D. Cox, Willard R. Heck

New trophic indicators and target values for an ecosystem-based management of fisheries

Journal Article published Feb 2016 in Ecological Indicators volume 61 on pages 588 to 601

Authors: Pierre Bourdaud, Didier Gascuel, Abdelkrim Bentorcha, Anik Brind’Amour

Ontogeny of modern human longitudinal body and transverse shoulder proportions

Journal Article published 26 Sep 2016 in American Journal of Human Biology volume 29 issue 2 on page e22925

Research funded by National Museum of Natural History | French Ministry of for Research and New Technologies

Authors: Mélanie A. Frelat, Michael Coquerelle, Erik Trinkaus

New developments in the assessment of weight-related experiential avoidance (AAQW-Revised)

Journal Article published Jul 2016 in Journal of Contextual Behavioral Science volume 5 issue 3 on pages 193 to 200

Research funded by Fuel Cycle Technologies (SFRH/BD/84452/2012) | European Social Fund

Authors: Lara Palmeira, Marina Cunha, José Pinto-Gouveia, Sérgio Carvalho, Jason Lillis

A dimensionless statistical analysis of logjam form and process

Journal Article published 8 Jan 2016 in Ecohydrology volume 9 issue 6 on pages 1117 to 1129

Authors: Simon James Dixon

Protosalvinia revisited, new evidence for a land plant affinity

Journal Article published Apr 2016 in Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology volume 227 on pages 52 to 64

Research funded by DFG Heisenberg Grant (VE486/3) | ANR project “Global Perspectives on the Terrestrialization Process” (2010 BLAN 607 01)

Authors: Melesio Quijada, Armelle Riboulleau, Paul Strother, Wilson Taylor, Alberto Mezzetti, Gerard J.M. Versteegh

Response of Imperiled Okaloosa Darters to Stream Restoration

Journal Article published Nov 2016 in North American Journal of Fisheries Management volume 36 issue 6 on pages 1375 to 1385

Research funded by Mullahy Fund for Undergraduate Research in Biological Sciences at Loyola University New Orleans | U.S. Department of Defense | U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Authors: David B. Reeves, William B. Tate, Howard L. Jelks, Frank Jordan

Journal Issue published Feb 2016 in North American Journal of Fisheries Management volume 36 issue 1