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Process integration of waste heat upgrading technologies

Journal Article published Sep 2016 in Process Safety and Environmental Protection volume 103 on pages 315 to 333

Research funded by Process Integration Research Consortium

Authors: Gbemi Oluleye, Megan Jobson, Robin Smith

New Technologies Abound at 16th SPE ACCE

Journal Article published Nov 2016 in Plastics Engineering volume 72 issue 10 on pages 24 to 27

Authors: Peggy Malnati

Polycarbonate Waste Management using Glycerol

Journal Article published Mar 2016 in Process Safety and Environmental Protection volume 100 on pages 281 to 287

Authors: Deepak Pant

Process systems engineering issues and applications towards reducing carbon dioxide emissions through conversion technologies

Journal Article published Dec 2016 in Chemical Engineering Research and Design volume 116 on pages 27 to 47

Research funded by Saudi Aramco-KAIST CO2 Management Center

Authors: Kosan Roh, Rebecca Frauzem, Rafiqul Gani, Jay H. Lee

Lessons in process safety management learned in the Kaohsiung gas explosion accident in Taiwan

Journal Article published 17 Mar 2016 in Process Safety Progress volume 35 issue 3 on pages 228 to 232

Authors: Horng-Jang Liaw

Air Pollution Control and Waste Management

Journal Article published May 2016 in Process Safety and Environmental Protection volume 101 on page 1

Authors: Evelyne Gehin, Bob Skelton, Daniel A. Vallero

Breaking the clay layer: The role of middle management in the management of safety

Journal Article published Nov 2016 in Journal of Loss Prevention in the Process Industries volume 44 on pages 241 to 246

Research funded by Health Ministry of Iran | Technical University of Delft

Authors: Zahra Rezvani, Patrick Hudson

New Monitoring Technologies for Overhead Contact Line at 400 km·h −1

Journal Article published Sep 2016 in Engineering volume 2 issue 3 on pages 360 to 365

Authors: Chul Jin Cho, Young Park

A new design method and operation of fully thermally coupled distillation column

Journal Article published Apr 2016 in Chemical Engineering and Processing: Process Intensification volume 102 on pages 47 to 58

Authors: Hosanna Uwitonze, Kyu Suk Hwang, Inwon Lee

Fish canning industry wastewater variability assessment using multivariate statistical methods

Journal Article published Jul 2016 in Process Safety and Environmental Protection volume 102 on pages 263 to 276

Research funded by FEDER through COMPETE (PEst-C/EQB/LA0020/2013) | Fuel Cycle Technologies | ValorPeixe | FEDER through POFC

Authors: Raquel O. Cristóvão, Victor M.S. Pinto, António Gonçalves, Ramiro J.E. Martins, José M. Loureiro, Rui A.R. Boaventura