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Adoption of New Information and Communications Technologies in the Workplace Today

Report published Jun 2016

Authors: Timothy Bresnahan, Pai-Ling Yin

The Symbolic Value of New Management Practices

Report published Apr 2016

The Symbolic Value of New Management Practices

Report published Apr 2016

IEA SHC Task 49/IV - Deliverable B5 - Potential Enhancement of Solar Process Heat by Emerging Technologies

Report published 15 Mar 2016

Authors: Bettina Muster-Slawitsch, Tobias Prosinecki, Qasid Ahmad, Christian Sattler, Judith Buchmaier, Susanne Lux, Wim van Helden, Anh Phan, Christoph Brunner

2016 Building Technologies Office Peer Review Report

Report published 1 Dec 2016

Authors: Building Technologies Office

Integrated management of the cocoapod borer in Papua New Guinea: An impact study

Report published 2016

Authors: Jeremy Ngim Chin Keong

Pathways to Commercial Success: Technologies and Products Supported by the Fuel Cell Technologies Office - 2015

Report published 8 Jan 2016

Authors: Not Given Author

Overcoming Production Disruption When Adopting New Technologies: Application of Macroergonomics and Safety Culture

Report published 30 Nov 2016

Authors: Christine L. Naca, David M. Rempel, Andy S. Imada, Melanie A. Alexandre, Ira L. Janowitz

Decentralised forest management for reducing deforestation and poverty in low- and middle-income countries

Report published Jul 2016

Authors: Cyrus Samii, Department of Politics, New York Univers, Matthew Lisiecki, Parashar Kulkarni, Laura Paler, Larry Chavis, Department of Politics, New York University, Department of Politics, New York University, Department of Political Science, University of Pittsburgh, Kenan-Flagler Business School, University of North Carolina

Simulation nitrogen-limited crop growth with SWAP/WOFOST : process descriptions and user manual

Report published 2016

Authors: Piet Groenendijk, Alterra - Sustainable soil management, Hendrik Boogaard, Marius Heinen, Iwan Supit, Allard de Wit, Alterra - Earth informatics, Alterra - Soil, water and land use, Earth System Science, Alterra - Climate change and adaptive land and water management, WIMEK, PE&RC

Vehicle Technologies and Fuel Cell Technologies Program: Prospective Benefits Assessment Report for Fiscal Year 2016

Report published 23 Feb 2016

Authors: T. S. Stephens, C. H. Taylor, J. S. Moore, J. Ward

Health-Preserving Technologies Use In Gymnasium Education

Report published 25 Sep 2016

Correlates of Sensitive Technologies

Report published 22 Apr 2016

Authors: Paul Nelson

What Americans Want from Future Technologies

Report published 19 Dec 2016

Authors: G. Oscar Anderson

FY2015 Fuel and Lubricant Technologies Annual Report

Report published 29 Apr 2016

Authors: Not Given Author

2015 Wind Technologies Market Report

Report published 1 Aug 2016

Authors: Ryan Wiser, Mark Bolinger

Standards user's guide for geographic information

Report published 2016

Authors: GeoConnections, IDON Technologies Inc.

Guide de l'utilisateur des normes de l'information géographique

Report published 2016

Authors: GéoConnexions, IDON Technologies Inc.

FY2014 Fuel & Lubricant Technologies Annual Progress Report

Report published 1 Feb 2016

Authors: Kevin Stork

Case Study – Idling Reduction Technologies for Emergency Service Vehicles

Report published 1 Jan 2016

Authors: Michael Laughlin, Russell J. Owens