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Species richness and rarity of crane flies (Diptera, Tipuloidea) in a boreal mire

Journal Article published 6 Sep 2013 in Journal of Insect Conservation volume 17 issue 6 on pages 1125 to 1136

Authors: Olli Autio, Jukka Salmela, Jukka Suhonen

Intraguild predation and interference competition on the endangered dragonfly Aeshna viridis

Journal Article published 1 Jun 2004 in Oecologia volume 140 issue 1 on pages 135 to 139

Authors: Erna Suutari, Jukka Suhonen, Markus J. Rantala, Jukka Salmela

Regional variations in occupancy frequency distribution patterns between odonate assemblages in Fennoscandia

Journal Article published Apr 2018 in Ecosphere volume 9 issue 4 on page e02192

Authors: Esa Korkeamäki, Merja Elo, Göran Sahlén, Jukka Salmela, Jukka Suhonen

Risk of Local Extinction of Odonata Freshwater Habitat Generalists and Specialists

Journal Article published 9 Jan 2014 in Conservation Biology volume 28 issue 3 on pages 783 to 789


Weight initialization techniques

Chapter published 1998 in Neural Network Systems Techniques and Applications on pages 87 to 121

Authors: Mikko Lehtokangas, Jukka Saarinen, Petri Salmela, Kimmo Kaski

A new Neoplatyura Malloch from Finland (Diptera, Keroplatidae)

Journal Article published 9 Sep 2014 in Biodiversity Data Journal volume 2 on page e1323

Authors: Jukka Salmela, Anna Suuronen

Checklist of the infraorder Tipulomorpha (Trichoceridae, Tipuloidea) (Diptera) of Finland

Journal Article published 19 Sep 2014 in ZooKeys volume 441 on pages 21 to 36

Authors: Jukka Salmela, Andrius Petrašiūnas

New and poorly known Palaearctic fungus gnats (Diptera, Sciaroidea)

Journal Article published 6 Mar 2017 in Biodiversity Data Journal volume 5 on page e11760

Authors: Jukka Salmela, Levente-Péter Kolcsár

Promoting career preparedness and intrinsic work-goal motivation: RCT intervention

Dataset published 2012 in PsycEXTRA Dataset

Authors: Katariina Salmela-Aro, Pertti Mutanen, Jukka Vuori

Additions to the list of Finnish Bibionomorpha (Diptera, Nematocera)

Journal Article published 25 Jun 2015 in Biodiversity Data Journal volume 3 on page e5228

Authors: Jukka Salmela, Kari Kaunisto

Corrigenda: Kolcsár L-P, Salmela J (2017) New taxonomic and faunistic records of fungus gnats (Insecta, Diptera) from Montenegro, Romania, and Serbia.

Journal Article published 13 Oct 2017 in Check List volume 13 issue 5 on pages 639 to 639

Authors: Levente-Péter Kolcsár, Jukka Salmela

Revision of Tipula (Yamatotipula) stackelbergi Alexander (Diptera, Tipulidae), and a short discussion on subspecies among crane flies

Journal Article published 5 Jan 2012 in ZooKeys volume 162 on pages 43 to 58

Authors: Jukka Salmela

Recent noteworthy findings of fungus gnats from Finland and northwestern Russia (Diptera: Ditomyiidae, Keroplatidae, Bolitophilidae and Mycetophilidae)

Journal Article published 2 Apr 2014 in Biodiversity Data Journal volume 2 on page e1068

Authors: Jukka Salmela, Jevgeni Jakovlev, Alexei Polevoi, Jouni Penttinen, Noora-Annukka Vartija

Parents' work burnout and adolescents' school burnout: Are they shared?

Journal Article published Mar 2011 in European Journal of Developmental Psychology volume 8 issue 2 on pages 215 to 227

Authors: Katariina Salmela-Aro, Lotta Tynkkynen, Jukka Vuori

Association of Genetic Variation in Inducible Costimulator Gene With Outcome of Kidney Transplantation

Journal Article published Feb 2009 in Transplantation volume 87 issue 3 on pages 393 to 396

Authors: Katri Haimila, Hannu Turpeinen, Noora S. Alakulppi, Lauri E. Kyllönen, Kaija T. Salmela, Jukka Partanen

Biogeographic Patterns of Finnish Crane Flies (Diptera, Tipuloidea)

Journal Article published 2012 in Psyche: A Journal of Entomology volume 2012 on pages 1 to 20

Research funded by Suomen Kulttuurirahasto

Authors: Jukka Salmela

Neural network based digit recognition system for voice dialling in noisy environments

Journal Article published Dec 1999 in Information Sciences volume 121 issue 3-4 on pages 171 to 199

Authors: Petri Salmela, Mikko Lehtokangas, Jukka Saarinen

Erratum to: Flocculated flow of microfibrillated cellulose water suspensions: an imaging approach for characterisation of rheological behaviour

Journal Article published 4 Oct 2017 in Cellulose volume 24 issue 12 on pages 5709 to 5709

Authors: Eve Saarikoski, Tapio Saarinen, Juha Salmela, Jukka Seppälä

Erratum to: Flocculation of microfibrillated cellulose in shear flow

Journal Article published 4 Oct 2017 in Cellulose volume 24 issue 12 on pages 5711 to 5711

Authors: Anni Karppinen, Tapio Saarinen, Juha Salmela, Antti Laukkanen, Markus Nuopponen, Jukka Seppälä

An Experimental Evaluation of a HIP Based Network Mobility Scheme

Chapter published in Lecture Notes in Computer Science on pages 139 to 151

Authors: Jukka Ylitalo, Jan Melén, Patrik Salmela, Henrik Petander